Banks that pay the fifth and sixth Solidarity Income in September

The list of financial entities (banks) that make payments corresponding to the fifth and sixth turn of the Solidarity Income since September.

To the more than 2.9 million beneficiaries that the Solidarity Income social program has, a figure that rose and in September the three million families must be consolidated with solidarity aid, the monetary transfers are paid through financial entities.

Depending on whether the beneficiary is banked or not, it is classified. In other words, those with active savings accounts will pay the $ 160,000 a month there. If they are not banked, then comes the mechanism of opening a digital product, which are simplified transaction accounts. They are created from a cell phone with internet access or from the same SIM Card for some special services.

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Finally, there are payments that are made by money transfers so that the benefit does not open an account, but directly approaches the assigned point of payment and with its identity card the respective process of claiming the money is carried out. The financial entities responsible for this coordinate the delivery, either to go to a bank branch or to an allied entity. Banco Caja Social does this with Reval and Multipagas.

What banks are qualified for the fifth and sixth stages?

According to Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), for the month of September the payments are organized as follows:

Since August 31, payments are made by money order to those who have pending payments from previous months. In this group appear the households with rejection problems in the financial entities where payments were usually made to them, in addition to those recently located in municipal outlets.

Then, starting on the 21st of the same month, comes the payment cycle for all the other beneficiaries of the Solidarity Income who are already banked. They will be given the fifth and sixth turns of the program.

Finally, when the previous payments reach the holders of the solidarity aid, then again the transfers are returned to the beneficiaries who receive by transfer. The DPS assures that in September the program will reach the base of three million beneficiary households, fulfilling the scope goal set by the National Government since the program was created.

Which are the banks that pay the Solidarity Income for September?

Av Villas; Banagrario; Bancamía – Bank of Microfinance; Banco CorpBanca – Helm; Banco Falabella, Banco Finandina, Banco Pichincha, Banco W, Bancolombia, Bancolombia – Ahorro a la Mano; Bancolombia – Nequi, Bancoomeva, Banco Cooperativo CoopCentral; BBVA Colombia; Social housing Bank; Davivienda SA and Daviplata; Bank of Bogota; Western Bank; GNB Sudameris; Movii; Banco Popular and Banco Serfinanza.

In the list, highlighted in bold, the digital account services appear. Many belong to banks, except for the Movie, 100% focused on this option.

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