Banks will be closed for 3 days, starting next Monday, in condemnation of the intrusions

The Association of Banks in Lebanon announced, “After the repeated attacks on banks and the physical assaults on bank employees and their dignity, which were carefully detailed in the statement of the Federation of Syndicates of Bank Employees in Lebanon yesterday, as well as after taking into consideration the risks faced by customers inside the branches. The board of directors decided to close the banks on September 19-20-21, denouncing and denouncing what happened and in order to take the necessary organizational measures, provided that the board of directors would return to the meeting early next week to consider the next steps.

The association apologized to “all depositors for any inconvenience or delay that may result from this closure, because the safety of its employees and customers comes at the top of the priorities that banks set in mind, in addition to the depositors’ interests that they are trying to secure as much as possible in the current difficult circumstances that the country is going through.”

On the other hand, the association stressed “the rejection of violence in all its forms because violence has not and will not be the solution. The solution is to pass laws to address the crisis as quickly as possible, because addressing a systemic failure crisis such as the one the country is going through can only be resolved through comprehensive plans.” It takes into account all the causes and treats them in an integrated manner, as stated recently in many of the interventions of the honorable Representatives of Parliament.

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