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The journalist Barbara Rebolledo filed a lawsuit before the 1st Labor Court of Santiago against the production company Northfield Productions Limited, represented by the animator Ignacio Gutierrez. After being disconnected from Bad darling (TV +) -produced by Northfield-, the communicator demands annulment of the dismissal, unjustified dismissal and collection of benefits and workers’ compensation.

Following the reveal on the show What do i tell you, of Hugo Valencia and Sergio Rojas, and according to files he was able to access BioBioChile, it was found that the judicial appeal was filed on November 16, 2020. In the brief, sponsored by the lawyers Fernando Sepulveda and Mario Araya, Rebolledo asks for a millionaire compensation.

For the concept of “pending remunerations”, he requests the payment of 5.6 million pesos; due to lack of prior notice, he asks for 3.5 million pesos; another 3.5 million pesos for years of service, plus 1.7 million pesos for a legal surcharge for the same concept; and a compensation of 233 thousand pesos for holidays. The figure totals more than 14 million pesos.

Likewise, it requests the declaration of labor relationship and that the dismissal be annulled, with which Gutiérrez’s producer would be obliged to pay the salary and contributions from the moment she was terminated until now, arguing that at the time of notification she was owed the payment of contributions.

The hearing to prepare the case is scheduled for this March 21 at 09:00.

The story

As stated in the text, Rebolledo says that “in the month of November 2019, I left the camera, that is, I stopped conducting the program and Ignacio started conducting it, however, I remained at the disposal of the employer to appear on the screen when required In fact, at the beginning of January 2020, I asked Ignacio and Loreto (manager of the channel) for explanations about my role, about whether the contract had ended and they reiterated that I should keep waiting ”.

“There are multiple communications that confirm that I continued to be dependent and subordinate to the employer, even more so they give me vacations during the month of January 2020,” he added.

“The salary -issued through honorary tickets-, however, they paid me until December 2019. Finally, I was notified of the dismissal by email dated February 28, 2020,” he continued, attaching the notification.


For the journalist, “there is no communication of the dismissal, carried out with the legal formalities to verify the termination of the employment relationship, as well as regarding the payment of those owed to each one. By not fulfilling any of the legal formalities, the dismissal is unjustified and without motive ”.

Other plaintiffs

The brief was also presented by Héctor Molina Rojas, general producer of the space and Carlos Gaete Reyes, director of the program, both for the same reasons and requesting similar compensation

“For the exercise of our functions we had to fulfill a working day that was initially two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 to 20:00 hrs.), Where the chapters were recorded for the entire week that they went On air from Monday to Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. In addition to attending the channel’s offices in person on the days mentioned above, we had to hold coordination meetings, interviews, guidelines meetings, etc. ”, they report.

They add that “the work – in the program also hosted by Cristina Tocco and Daniel Valenzuela – was continuously evaluated by the television rating, which made it very stressful. It was a job that had us permanently connected, one of those jobs that we call 24/7 ”, of which they had to account, they say, to Gutiérrez and the Programming and Production Manager of TV +, Loreto Gatica. For this reason, in the brief, the channel appears as a subsidiary defendant.

BioBioChile has tried to contact Gutiérrez via message and call, but so far it has not received a response.


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