Barcelona will create a center for new masculinities to review the “patriarchal model” of men

Barcelona will create a center for new masculinities to review the

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Barcelona will create a center for new masculinities to review the

The Barcelona City Council will inaugurate a center for new masculinities in October next to the Francia station, as part of the new actions it has proposed to respond to the attacks on the LGTBI community and to promote “positive, open, plural models of masculinity and heterogeneous “.

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, and the Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminisms and LGTBI, Laura Pérez, explained it at a press conference this Monday. “What we are doing is one more step in Barcelona’s commitment to claim that our pride as a city is to be diverse and that hate speech or any type of discrimination or lgbiphobic aggression such as those that have increased in recent times are not welcome here on our streets, “Colau said.

“At a time when hate speech is entering the institutions and where some seek to normalize and trivialize fascism, discrimination and lgtbiphobia, we believe that it is essential that democratic institutions position ourselves firmly and forcefully,” he added. . According to Colau, the recent attacks are closely linked to a “patriarchal masculinity model” that must be reviewed.

Laura Pérez explained that in the face of the increase in attacks on the group, the specific plan on the prevention of sexist and lgtbiphobic attitudes will be reinforced through four lines of action: education, culture and visibility, community environment and work environment. “Being a man does not mean reacting aggressively,” Pérez recalled, explaining that the new center wants to be an educational complement.

In terms of education, the ‘Escoles per la Igualtat i la Diversitat’ program will be extended to nine educational centers; Within the framework of culture and visibility, more audiovisual material will be generated to visualize diversity and a working group for historical memory will be set up. A government measure will also be promoted to include the gender perspective in culture and an awareness campaign has been carried out that has consisted of placing banners against lgtbiphobia in different municipal facilities and on public transport.

The center for new masculinities will be promoted within the framework of the community sphere, it will be aimed at citizens as a whole and will work to sensitize, train and generate references in the matter of new masculinities; In addition, the team from the Men’s Care Program (SAH) will move to this new location.

One of the actions that could be developed in this facility, for example, would be a conference with specialists who explained how to educate children in a masculinity that does not pigeonhole them, and Colau added that this would serve to get away from “the outdated idea that men have to be tough. “

Regarding actions in the workplace, a guide focused on improving the employability of trans people will be presented for counselors in employment services and a guide to develop gender transition protocols in jobs aimed at the companies.

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