Bardella (RN) and Abad (LR) plead for safety sentences

The number 2 of the RN Jordan Bardella and the president of the LR group in the National Assembly Damien Abad pleaded on Saturday to reopen the debate on security sentences, the day after the attack on a police officer with a knife near Nantes.

“You have to see the debate on preventive detention”, so that “when you have finished your sentence, we study your medical file and the facts for which you were convicted, and it is estimated whether or not you present a risk for you. society and others, “Bardella told CNews.

“When you are listed for radicalization and followed as a heavy schizophrenic, your place is not to be released with a one-off follow-up that does not protect the rest of society”, he added, in allusion to the profile of the suspect of the assault of La-Chapelle-sur-Erdre, a schizophrenic on file for radicalization, who seriously injured a municipal policewoman on Friday with knives and kidnapped a young woman before being killed by the gendarmes .

“Each time it is the same profile, people listed, followed”, “repeat offenders, who are radicalized by the prison box” and “we run behind without being able to take preventive measures,” said Mr. Bardella. .

According to him, “when you are a foreigner and on file S you must be sent home” and “for the others, it is necessary to rehabilitate the article of intelligence with the enemy which would make it possible to initiate legal proceedings against people whose we know that they have a link with Islamist ideology “.

“In any other democracy, the resignation of the Minister of Justice and the Interior would already be on the table of the President of the Republic,” he said.

For his part Damien Abad estimated on France Inter that “too many people are coming out of prison while they continue to be radicalized” with “largely insufficient” follow-up.

“We really have to put in place security sentences” and “consider systems of bracelets and others” because “we cannot go from prison to freedom without any intermediate step”.

As for the profile of the attacker, “we must avoid psychiatricizing terrorism, certainly there were psychiatric disorders but also elements of radicalization and it is also and above all on this that we must act,” he said. -he adds.

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