Bart De Wever criticizes, Marius Gilbert objective, the regions promise help

However, it should be noted that Jan Jambon (N-VA), as Flemish Minister-President, took part in the Consultation Committee on Friday which took the decision to close the restaurants. He even defended this decision following the press conference, speaking of an extremely difficult measure but justified by the fact that the hospitality industry is the place par excellence where people meet together.

Bart De Wever, Sunday, says he understands the closure of cafes and party rooms, but not that of restaurants. “I have the impression that all the restaurants in Antwerp did things well,” he says.

Various personalities have expressed their opinion on the subject of the forced closure of restaurants on Sunday on the set of the program “C’est pas tous les jours dimanche” (RTL-TVi). Among them, the ULB epidemiologist Marius Gilbert, who tried to objectify things. There are many lists of customers in restaurants, but in attempts to identify sources of contamination, “the testing centers do not have time to investigate the restaurants,” he says.

“We must deconstruct this discourse according to which ‘we have not observed clusters in restaurants so there is no transmission in restaurants and cafes’. In cafes and restaurants, not wearing a mask for a long time is actually a major risk factor, especially when it’s indoors. And the seasonal factor here is catching up with us very strongly, compared to the period when it could be done on the terrace ”.

On the political side, whether in Brussels or Wallonia, we promise to support the hospitality industry through this period of forced closure. “A city without restaurants or cafes is a dead city, and that’s not how we see the future of Brussels,” said Brussels Minister Alain Maron (Ecolo) on RTL-TVi. indicates that “Celeval advocated” however the closure. “It is no longer time to quibble”, in view of the contamination figures, he slices, while admitting that it will “save” the hospitality industry.

There will be additional regional aid, but still to be defined and formalized.

On the Walloon side, the Minister of the Economy Willy Borsus announces that he has put on the government table a proposal for aid “in stages, depending on the size of the companies”, for a total of 100 million euros for the hotel and catering industry. and events. We are talking about 3,500 euros for a single operator, and up to 10,000 euros for the largest structures.


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