Basil Joseph’s Intelligence and Upcoming Film ‘Falimi’ Discussed by Actor Jagadish

2023-11-12 16:27:00

Actor Jagadish talks about Basil’s intelligence. Jagadish said that Basil will not accept all roles and if he is approached Basil will not do the role as Mammooka does not have a date in a film. Jagadish added that intelligence is the ability to say that.

Phalimi is a film starring Basil in the lead role. Jagdish is playing an important role in the film. Jagadish is sharing the details of the film with Media One.

‘One thing I’ve found about Basil is that he’s intelligent. Basil does not accept every role. Now there is no date of Mammooka in a picture, if you think of approaching Basil, then Basil will say ‘Oh, I am not there’. The ability to say that is intelligence. I won’t say I’ll do it another way.

Not all rolls are pulled. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an action film. But it has to be the perfect action movie for Basil. Now if Mohanlal says that he can try a film with me, I am afraid. It is very important that the character is suitable for them. The key is to bring diversity into it. Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai is not the character of Paltu Janvar,’ said Jagadish.

‘Falimi’ is a new film directed by debutant Nirmal Sahadev and produced by Cheers Entertainments and Super Duper Cinema. The film stars Basil Joseph in the lead and Jagadish and Manju Pillai play the lead roles. The film tells the story of a family from Thiruvananthapuram on a journey to Varanasi and the interesting events that take place in between. Basil and Jagdish appear as father and son in the film.

Sandeep Pradeep, Meenaraj, Jomon Jyothir, Abhiram Radhakrishnan and others are appearing in other roles in Falimi. The film, which beautifully portrays harmony and conflict in family relationships, will hit the theaters on November 17.

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