Bayern Munich: fuss about Sané – of all things NOW – Bundesliga

On Tuesday, Bayern will play the most important game of the year, meeting Villarreal in the quarter-finals of the Champions League (first leg 0-1).

Leroy Sané (26) is causing a stir right now …

After being substituted (64th) against Augsburg (1-0), he visibly frustrated high fives with coach Julian Nagelsmann (34). Then he immediately disappears into the dressing room instead of – as usual – sitting on the bench.

Sané annoys Bayern!

Suddenly his cabin escape was the issue, not the Villarreal final.

On the outside, Nagelsmann reacts calmly: “Leroy is pissed off at himself, doesn’t want to see or be seen anymore. You have to accept that, I’m not angry about that. I’d rather he go into the dressing room before he gets mad and sits on the bench like that. That has little effect. Then he should be inside and deal with his performance if he has a problem with it.”

Not the only special right for Sané. During practice, he’s usually the last to come onto the pitch and is often even a few minutes late. Apart from minor fines, this has not had any consequences so far.

Nagelsmann is regarded as a Sané understander: “I really like the Leroy Sané type. It’s one where opinions differ a bit. Sometimes he has a charisma that you can’t really interpret.”

One thing is clear: Nagelsmann needs a cheerful Sané against Villarreal. It is possible that the coach also protects his player for this reason.

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