Be careful not to use olive oil in this case, as it will turn into a deadly poison that threatens the lives of you and your children

Olive oil is one of the oils that are used for many purposes and is included in a large number of different foods and foods as it gives it a distinctive flavor. It is one of the healthy oils that has multiple benefits and a large number of doctors have been using it because it does not contain a high percentage of fat or cholesterol. As it is in other oils, it also treats many diseases and health problems, but it must be used with extreme caution, as there are some cases in which olive oil cannot be used, otherwise it will turn into one of the oils that are very harmful to health, and we will learn about these cases during the following.

Healthy side effects of olive oil

Although olive oil contains unsaturated fats that have a great role in preventing many health problems such as heart and arteries problems, but sometimes it can turn into a deadly poison if it is used in the wrong way. Among the cases in which it is not recommended to use olive oil is before a procedure Any surgical operation, as it greatly affects the low level of sugar in the blood, which may cause harmful results for the patient, and it should not be used during the period of dental treatment, as it may cause mouth sensitivity, and the patient must completely stop using it until complete recovery.

Effects of olive oil on the skin

Olive oil causes skin sensitivity in some people if it is used directly without doing any tests on a small part, so it is used in natural recipes, but you must be careful not to use it, and pregnant and breastfeeding women should be at risk in using olive oil because it can affect the fetus .

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