Sport Beat Feuz: "A good curse"

Beat Feuz: “A good curse”


Austria is the second homeland of Beat Feuz. He lives there, his partner is from there and he feels like a fish in the water. However, the man with 13 World Cup victories has never won. And it’s not for lack of shining there. He has indeed six (!) Second places downhill with our neighbors including one obtained Thursday at Saalbach-Hinterglemm, during a race during which the Swiss shone, beaten only by the German Thomas Dressen. “If it’s a curse, it’s a good curse,” smiles Kugelblitz. To be six times second in Austria is actually quite incredible. I’m always happy to get on the podium, you can’t be disappointed with a result like this. ”

Riding on the box for the 18th time in 21 runs, Beat Feuz is delighted with his consistency: “I am not celebrating victory or the Globe today, but I am really proud of my consistency.” The Schangnau skier does not blame himself for being beaten on Thursday. “I think I lost the 7 hundredths that separated me from winning in 5 or 6 corners,” he said. But it was difficult today to put the gas in the right place, especially with a single training in the legs, in difficult conditions of the day before and on a track on which we do not come every year. Thomas made the almost perfect race for him. ”

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Still in the lead at the last intermediate time and on the verge of signing his first World Cup victory, Mauro Caviezel must be content with third place. “I could have done better, but I am very happy with the result,” he said, not too disappointed. I took risks and it is certain that I will lose at the end with an error. But it’s sport, you have to take risks. The last few races have all been very close and I’m very happy to be back on the podium. The Grison will have another opportunity to star in the super-G on Friday.



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