Beautiful Celia Lora and Dorismar posing with tight bodysuits

Celia Lora 38 years old, fulfilled one more dream for his fans on social networks, it was to take a photo next to Dorismar who wore a pink body too flirtatious, while the model did the same, although hers was from Barbie unleashing total madness.

And it is that these two celebrities are very popular in social networks due to the physique of true goddesses, always letting their followers use their imagination, because both Celia Lora and Dorismar are fascinated by posing as God brought them into the world for various magazines. which have sold like hot cakes when they are the protagonists.

“Always so beautiful and so nice”, “All the women you go out with are beautiful, but next to you no one looks as beautiful as you”, “There are beautiful ones, I would like to live with you”, “Both of them are very beautiful, I wonder if Celia will respond to the fans”, “Just a fantasy of these two beauties of women”, “You look mega beautiful friend Celi Lora !!! I love you damned !!”, the fans write the two models.

For those who don’t know, this year began with a lot of work to Celia LoraWell, he bet everything on Playboy magazine where he was the cover, in addition to working too much on his channel where he interviews other celebrities whom he loves and admires too much.

If we go back in time, on one occasion he interviewed Dorismar with whom he got along very well, they even shared experiences they have had with men when they take photos with them, because sometimes they have signed their admirers’ magazines, and although it is a great compliment Strange things have happened to them.

Another of the reasons why Celia Lora has everyone talking about her has been because she is no longer a friend of Manelyk González and contrary to the former reality star she speaks to all the members of Acapulco Shore, so these groups are now well marked.

It should be mentioned that controversy has always followed daughter of Alex Lorabecause it has never left anyone, so it is very common for lawsuits to appear with it.

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