Because of the Covid, Pauline no longer sees her companion and goes to the Council of State: “I am very anxious”

They are called binational couples. One lives in Belgium, and the other elsewhere in the world: United States, Latin America, Africa, Asia… For reasons of work, studies, travel… They met, loved and now wish to meet. find. However, this has been impossible since the start of confinement. Belgians are prohibited from traveling outside the European Union, except for essential reasons. The same applies to foreign nationals in the EU Suddenly, many couples are tested by long-distance relationships: after more than 6 months without seeing each other in the flesh, they urgently ask for a relaxation of government actions. Legal action was taken before the Council of State on Tuesday. The hearing is scheduled for next Monday at 4 p.m.

“It’s been 3 months since we have been able to see each other, my companion and me”, explains Pauline Carpentier from Hautrage.

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