Before closing the registration door.. 5 steps to install an electronic Kodi meter from your home

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Many citizens search through the Google search engine, for ways to register an installation request kodi electric meter Before the deadline for receiving applications for transferring from accounting to the practice system or Replacing the traditional counter To the installation of code meters through the unified platform for electronic electricity services at the end of this month.

And publication «The Unified Platform for Electricity Services The Unified Platform for Electricity ServicesAn illustrative video was also published on the official page of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company on the social networking site “Facebook”, showing the stages of citizens wishing to apply for installation. code counter Violating and random buildings via the electronic electricity platform.

The video contains all the detailed stages that enable the citizen to apply electronically for a job Request to install a code meter To ensure no overcrowding in engineering Electricity Various measures, to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus, as well as reduce the burden on the streets and prevent gatherings and crowding. As electronic registration is faster and easier, and you can learn everything about it New electricity prices Through the link you provided The Ministry of Electricity and renewable energy: click here للتسجيل

Steps to apply for a Kodi counter 2021

The “Unified Platform for Electricity Services” clarified how to apply code counter Through 5 steps as follows:

1- Entering the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company website, the citizen services platform.

2- Choose the service of requesting the installation of a code meter.

3- Complete the required data and verify that the data is correct.

4- Attach a copy of the national ID card.

5- Send the request

Steps to follow up on the request to install a Kodi electricity meter

Notifications of the status of the application will be sent through:
The website itself
SMS messages to the phone number mentioned in the application

Conditions for applying for a request to install a code meter

According to the “Unified Platform for Electricity Services”, there are several conditions that must be fulfilled and followed when applying for the code meter through the following points:

1- you receive Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy Requests to connect electricity to slums and violating areas through the electronic platform for electricity services only

2- Submission of all papers and payment of financial fees through the electronic platform for electricity services.

3- The value of the measurement required to install the code meter does not differ from the value of the traditional meter.

4- Suspending the practice system for violators and replacing it with the code counter.

5- Obligating those who are dealt with in the practice system, i.e. those for whom minutes have been issued, to install code counters.

Code counter features and practice:

1- The code meter is a prepaid electricity meter, but it does not bear the name of the owner of the unit to which the current is connected, but it carries a code number.

2- The price of a kilowatt-hour does not differ in the coded meter from others, and the subscriber is charged according to the prices of the announced segments.

3- The value of the measurement required to install the code meter does not differ from the value of the traditional meter.

4- Allowing electricity distribution companies to pay in installments the value of the measurements for citizens without interest to facilitate and encourage them to install code meters.

5- Abolishing the requirement to provide a transformer room in random and violating buildings.

6- Prepaid meters do not allow electricity consumption debts to accumulate on electricity distribution company customers.

7- These meters are characterized by high accuracy in calculating electricity consumption and calculating the value using the slide system.

8- It alerts the customer when the balance is low, in addition to the presence of emergencies.

According to previous media statements, Dr. Mohamed Shaker considered, Minister of Electricity, that the practice system in which citizens deal is unfair to the state or the citizen, and it is not possible to calculate the actual consumption of the subscriber due to his reliance on issuing a report of current theft, unlike the prepaid code meter that depends on charging the meter monitor.


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