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2023-09-12 09:28:00

“Little Ghost” Wang Linkai’s 2023 tour will start in May, passing through four cities: Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai, and will usher in the last stop in Chengdu on September 16. On the day of the interview, the “little devil” who had been working until 10 pm looked a little tired. He said that he just wanted to end the concert successfully and then move on to the next stage of making new songs.

“Little Ghost” Wang Linkai is a contradictory person, tangled but also trying to reconcile himself.Photo provided by interviewee

During the interview, “Little Ghost” always held a dragon fruit-shaped shooting doll in his hand. Every time he answered a question, he would think carefully and slowly while subconsciously playing with the dragon fruit.He is a contradictory person. Sometimes he is persistent and entangled, and sometimes he strives to adapt and be self-consistent.

“Little Ghost” said that what he loves is not only making music, but also life itself. The feelings that life brings to him are very precious. “I want myself to learn and absorb nutrients every day to become better.”

About the tour
I hope I can go to Fujian to hold a concert if I have the opportunity.

This tour is based on “Little Ghost”‘s 2022 solo first full-length album “DEADLINE”. It is named after the album name, which symbolizes that he goes all out for music at all times, dares to think, dares to fight, dares to rush and dares to break through. manner. Most of the songs on the tour are from the new album, which have been re-created and arranged, and some previously released singles have been added.

This tour is also a rare test for “Little Devil”. According to “Little Ghost”‘s recollection, during the first rehearsal in Shenzhen, everyone was very tired and under great pressure. There were many situations on the stage and they were close to collapse. He can only come over forcefully, “Because I don’t have many people around me who can share the pressure with me, I can only ‘bite the bullet’ and do it. Anyway, I have already reached this point, so I just try it once. In short, I have to get it done.

“Little Ghost” Wang Linkai on tour.Photo provided by interviewee

If there is a small regret about this tour, “Little Ghost” said frankly that he hopes to be able to sing in Fujian next time because his parents live in Xiamen. He went to school in Fujian since he was a child and has many classmates and teachers. I hope they can all come. Watch your own concert.

It’s easier to be a good boy in everyone’s eyes

In the eyes of the public, “Little Ghost” is a rebellious and unconventional “personality kid”, and his music is difficult to define by a traditional genre. In his view, rap is a music type with a very strong fusion attribute. It can be integrated with many types of music, such as Chinese style, string music, classical, rock, jazz, reggae, etc.

The “little devil” everyone has seen has a smooth stardom, and has made outstanding achievements in the music career at a young age. But he admitted that although he looked glamorous, he often fought with himself behind his back and was often very entangled. “I often feel that I should forget it, stop insisting on myself, be obedient, be a good boy, and be the person I should be in everyone’s eyes.” What you have become is a very simple and easy thing.” Whether it is music style or external appearance, “Little Ghost” focuses on the label of “personality” and does not follow the established route. Likewise, he is also facing the balance between publicity and individuality. “Little Ghost” said that he was still thinking some time ago that what he likes is not acceptable to the mainstream market for domestic music. If he does it for a period of time, people will be disappointed if they can’t accept it. But if you don’t do it, you will definitely regret it. “At least I have to give it a try first and see if it’s possible for me to be compatible with the two. Nothing is completely impossible.”

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From his debut to now, “Little Ghost” has been breaking the perception of himself and subverting the so-called labeling. “I feel that as long as I dare to try, there is nothing I can’t do. It must be a difficult process, but it doesn’t matter, I am on this road.” Still full of fighting spirit.Do everything well and forge yourself into a piece of gold so that you can shine when the opportunity comes.

Short video music is rampant, and original music lacks a platform

In recent years, “Little Ghost” has participated in music variety shows such as “Our Song”, “Crossover Singer”, “God-Sent Voice”, “Flashing Band”, etc. For him, he can experience special fun in music variety shows and can Get to know and exchange music with different musicians, and have the opportunity to try various arrangements of tracks. You will also get a lot of improvement in the process. In his opinion, the audience groups of music variety shows are different. When everyone sees him through various platforms, they will also see his different music stage presentations.At the same time, “Little Ghost” also mentioned the worrying current situation of music variety shows. There are too few original music works, and more are adaptations of cover songs, which does not give much space to original musicians.“This is a very difficult thing for domestic original musicians. We do have some good works, but there is no place to sing them, no place for everyone to hear them, so we can only publish them on online platforms.Everyone is making short video music in the fast-moving consumer goods era. This cycle makes the original environment not very good.

“Little Ghost” Wang Linkai participated in the music variety show “Our Song”.The picture comes from the official Weibo of the show

Although “Little Ghost” is not very old, he has a very firm attitude towards music. In his opinion, this is a sense of mission. He believes in what he loves and cannot live up to the trust placed in himself. “No one can deceive this love. I have to do it, and I believe that I have the ability to do it well.” When the outside world does not recognize or question him, the “little devil” will also be confused. “But if you don’t know where you want to go, if you say east and you go east, and if you say west you go west, what exactly do you want? So you must trust your own judgment. If you don’t If you waver, you really won’t become the person you want.”

When I was a child, my parents always told the “little devil” that you must not do anything. Many times the “little devil” will listen, but he will also have a question mark in his heart, is this really the case? He began to think for himself, what was the motivation for doing this? Why others can succeed? Summarize other people’s experiences. Through these summaries and learnings, you will gradually become stronger. From the initial interest to finding the path to growth step by step.

“Little Ghost” learned various talents such as piano and taekwondo when he was young, but he had no motivation at all. At that time, he was “forced to have no choice” and went to cram schools on weekends, and then to interest classes. Because he had no interest, his parents would always say that he was a three-minute hot person with no definite character. But when he really discovered his passion – dancing, he couldn’t hold back eight cows. “I loved dancing at that time, and my parents were worried that dancing would not have a good future, but I didn’t care. I just kept going with a simple motivation. To this day, I have formed a habit because of my love.”

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The “little devil” uses his own way to gain approval from his parents. Although his parents are still worried that he will suffer a disadvantage, “Little Gui” is very confident and thinks that he can prove it to his parents in his own way, just like he did when he was a boy.

His best friends don’t see him as a star

“Little Ghost” doesn’t have many best friends in life. Most of them are friends he played with before he debuted. No one regards him as a star. For the “little ghost”, this way of getting along makes him feel very comfortable.

When he is not working, “Little Devil” likes to ride bikes, exercise, listen to music, play games, and watch movies. In addition, having a drink with friends is also his favorite way of life.

As for career plans, in addition to music, “Little Ghost” also hopes to have his own clothing brand in the future, and also wants to do some two-dimensional animation-related projects. He also wants to go and see performances abroad. When it comes to “watching a concert”, “Little Devil” is a little confused and unhappy. When watching a show in China, many people will hold up their mobile phones to record the performance, but happy scenes of jumping along with the music are rare. “I think this makes you miss out on a lot of the fun of being live. You can just take a photo with your phone and record it, and then put your phone down and enjoy the music.”

Beijing News: When you were growing up, “people are more famous than singers” was a comment that often appeared. Do you mind?

“Little devil”:I won’t mind, I know that “songs are more popular than people” is the right thing to do. I’m trying to achieve this as well.

Beijing News: Do you feel any grievance in your heart? I have also made a lot of efforts and attempts in music, but what everyone may see is your external performance.

“Little devil”:Yes, that’s true. But that’s not a bad thing,If the outside can attract everyone’s eyes and the inside can attract everyone’s heart, there is nothing wrong with it. At least I have to let you see me.

“Little Devil” Wang Linkai considers himself an extreme individual, and he must work hard to do the things he is determined to do well.Photo provided by interviewee

Beijing News: Have you been a stubborn child since you were a child?

“Little devil”:If I think something is not good, I won’t do it. If I want to do it, I must do my best. For example, when I was in school, if a teacher was very kind to me, I would learn the teacher’s class very well. However, if the teacher criticized me, I would be frustrated and I would not learn the class well. Sometimes, I may feel that I can’t do it anymore, so I give up. If I feel that I must do something well, I will work hard.I am a relatively extreme individual.

Beijing News: The teachers or elders around you will tell you, do you want to change your character? Being so extreme may lead to disadvantages.

“Little devil”:Yes, I am still slowly letting myself find a balance point. I think that experiences in life will bring inspiration and experience, and turn them into wealth. They can be turned into lyrics and melody. I have walked all the way to now, and I have different thoughts at every stage. Isn’t it the same person that I was before when I look back now? for me,The past is a good mirror. I can see my past state and changes from the present like looking into a mirror, so I write songs like keeping a diary.. There is no rule about what is best, and there is no right answer in life. In life, each of us has the right to choose the color we want to be.

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Beijing News: As you once said, what kind of music you want to make, what kind of person you must live like, and whatever you have experienced will be in your songs. So now what kind of music do you want to make and who do you want to be?

“Little devil”:I want to be a person with my own independent thoughts.When everyone thinks this happened to me and it was a bad thing, and everyone feels unfortunate for me, I can overcome it with a smile.

Beijing News: There may be some young people who cannot succeed like you because of their talent, opportunities and other reasons. What advice would you give them?

“Little devil”:I think if you want to be something, as long as you work hard in this direction, the goal will slowly get closer to you. But if you don’t even dare to think about it, you don’t even dare to do it, you have already been there from the beginning. If you give up the idea, what you want to do in the end will be impossible. Whether you give up or choose another way, there is no harm in giving it a try. If it is really not suitable for you, at least you have done it and you can make it a part of your life, even as a hobby. It’s important to dare to think and act. Even if we make a mistake, we can start over from scratch and have a lot of time. And you must believe in yourself enough and improve yourself in various ways. No matter what you do, you must be good at discovering the energy in yourself, be good at discovering your own advantages, and make good use of it in any industry.

Beijing News: Do you think you have adapted to this circle? Not talking about music or dancing, but the ecology of the entire circle.

“Little devil”:I feel like I don’t fit in this circle. I never thought that one day I would be able to enter this circle. After entering, what I felt most was that it was very complicated and not as simple as I imagined.Everyone has different thoughts and opinions, but in this circle, everyone needs to say something to maintain face. I feel that I am not very adaptable to this environment. But I still know the principle of survival of the fittest, and how to survive needs me to improve.

Beijing News: Besides music, what kind of things make you feel difficult?

“Little devil”:There is music in my head, and I am immersed in my own world every day. For example, when I go to a dinner party or a celebration party, I can’t speak. I will do whatever you ask me to do, but I don’t know what I should do. I don’t have the brains to socialize, so I feel at a loss at this time, and I hope to blend in with everyone. It’s not that I’m repelled, I’m just overwhelmed and don’t know what I should do. I feel uncomfortable when I see everyone acting so natural, and others think I’m weird.

Beijing News: The part of cultivation other than music is also what an artist needs to do.

“Little devil”:Yes, in fact, musicians and artists can be completely separated and viewed as two professions. But if I am positioned as an artist, I really need to do these things. When I enter this circle, I have to adapt to some rules, or I have to work hard to become more like an adult.

Liu Wei, chief reporter of Beijing News

Chief Editor Wu Dongni

Proofread by Liu Jun

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