Being deceived 34.47 million before the curtain ended… “Zai Zai’s wife” Yu Hongyuan is not alone. The social platform was stolen and collapsed | Entertainment | CTWANT

Artist Zai Zai (Zhou Yumin) and his wife Yu Hongyuan bought a high amount of savings insurance in 2018 because they believed in the advocacy of their best friend Feng Yaohua, but they were used by their best friend as an ATM machine. Feng Nu was prosecuted for the crime of obtaining money by fraud, and Zaizai and his wife also learned a painful lesson on the subject of fraud. However, Yu Hongyuan recently posted that her community account was hacked by unknown people, and there was also a problem with the bound mobile phone number. She broke down and sent a dynamic message within a limited time to remind relatives, friends and fans to pay attention not to click on suspicious links at will.

Yu Hongyuan started in 2018 because she believed in her best friend Feng Yaohua, and bought a 6-year savings insurance from Farglory Life Insurance. The cash machine, on the pretext of paying premiums, defrauded 34,474,745 yuan successively, but the premiums have not been paid since 2019. Later, Zaizai and his wife received a letter of reminder for the policy until September last year. , only to find out that he was cheated by his friends.

Zhou Yumin’s wife Yu Hongyuan was defrauded of 34.47 million yuan before, and recently it has been reported that the community has been embezzled. (Photo/Photo taken by Yu Hongyuan’s Facebook)

Unexpectedly, only a few months after being defrauded by a close friend, Yu Hongyuan revealed on Facebook yesterday (13th) that her Facebook and IG were hacked and disabled by unknown means, which made her account unusable. With the help of a friend who wrote a letter to Facebook and the police, she was able to get the right to use it successfully, which made her feel moved and shouted, “Thank you Facebook for returning my innocence (use right).”

Yu Hongyuan also said that not only her community account was hacked, but even the APP bound to her mobile phone was suddenly suspended because she violated the community rules. .” Let Yu Hongyuan remind relatives, friends and fans to pay attention and not to open suspicious links at will.

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