“Being in Germany helped me a lot, I grew and matured as an athlete” – La Discusión 2024-04-18 20:39:34

The Chilean tennis players had a great performance in the Table Tennis Selective that was held at the Ñuñoa Olympic Training Center (CEO) that defined those selected for the national team that will represent in the upcoming international competitions this year.

The ñublensinos Jaime Lama (Association of Chillán and Viejo) and Javier López (Association of Chillán) joined the Chilean team. The local representatives achieved a two in the competition that brought together the best in the country in the youth category.

Lama traveled from Germany, where he is living and where he plays in an important league in the country, whereHe rubs shoulders with great international players.

“I felt good feelings when playing, I felt comfortable and I had a good game in the selective. For me, the best thing will always be to represent the Chilean National Team, it is a great pride for me, I prepared for seven months and now I will give my one hundred and one percent,” declared Lama.

Both representatives will compete in the South American category in three weeks and in addition, Lama will be present in competitions in Brazil.

“EStaring in Germany helped me a lot, I grew and matured a lot as an athlete, obviously it is not easy to be in a country with a different language for seven months, it is another culture, it helped me a lot, I managed to learn a lot about table tennis, my level of play , but the main thing as a person, I think I am a person with clear objectives, more independent, who has had to stand up for himself more to be a better table tennis player,” concluded the athlete from Chillán.

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