“Belgian Mobility Habits: Walking and Driving Reign, but Cycling and Public Transport Growing as Alternatives”

2023-05-26 15:18:00

Belgians most often travel on foot (95% of respondents) or by car (94%), revealed Thursday a survey by the FPS Mobility on their mobility habits. In this context, 4,600 people aged 18 to 79 were questioned on their frequency of use of various modes of transport on a daily basis.

Public transport and cycling represent the two main alternatives to the car, according to this survey, with 65% and 56% of respondents respectively. The FPS Mobility emphasizes that environmental and climate issues can, in part, explain these alternatives.

Nearly a third of cyclists also want to increase their use of bicycles in the next twelve months and one in five non-cyclists indicates their desire to take up cycling. In addition, 14% of users of a non-electric bicycle say they are considering switching to electric. These cycling trips are mainly for journeys between home and work or for shopping. However, disparities are reported between the Regions: a little over a quarter of Flemings say they never ride a bicycle, compared to 65% in Brussels and 70% in Wallonia.

The survey further underlines that more than half of the respondents take the train at least once a year. Four out of ten respondents (39%) only use it a few times a year, but among the youngest, rail is much more successful: almost a quarter of 18-24 year olds, mainly students, board a train at least once a week. This share of regular users then gradually decreases with age.

Finally, a quarter of respondents are identified as “sedentary”, that is to say, they do not travel either by bike or on foot at least once a week. This proportion increases in non-urban areas, reaching 27% in Flanders and 32% in Wallonia.

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