Belgium announces “social reconfinement”

Faced with the worrying upsurge in Covid-19 cases, the Belgian authorities have taken new measures: now and for the next four weeks, Belgians will only be able to frequent five people outside their home.

The Prime Minister said it clearly during her press conference on July 27 in the afternoon: the measures in force from Wednesday 29 aim to avoid a new “lockdown” – which is not excluded.

Questioned on the set by the RTBF after Sophie Wilmès’ speech, epidemiologist Yves Coppieters is already talking about“A real social reconfinement”.

And for good reason: until now, in Belgium, each person could frequent fifteen people outside their home – the Belgians speak of a “bubble” – and these fifteen people could change every week. From now on, it will be necessary to choose five people, a bubble which will be identical for each member of the household and will not change, for at least four weeks. There are a few exceptions, however: the “bubble” can be up to ten people during outdoor outings and children under 12 will not be counted.

Among the other measures: access to shops will be done alone (with exceptions such as children) and in a maximum of thirty minutes. The


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