Ben Simmons can’t wait to play again in front of his old Philadelphia fans!

Ben Simmons is back on the court and will play in front of his former Sixers home crowd on November 22 for the first time since leaving Philadelphia. A reunion that he is looking forward to, the Sixers supporters too, and we too at the same time.

The story between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers was written in two stages. It is first of all that of an incredibly promising prospect, number 1 in the Draft in 2016, with whom we will associate Joel Embiid to restore the franchise to its past success. The famous processwhich is on everyone’s lips in Pennsylvania between 2016 and 2020, or so. Yes but now, this process takes a little too long, does not succeed, and it breaks between Simmons and his franchise. He can’t play anymore, doesn’t want to play anymore, has a back injury and then comes back to training with a funeral head to show everyone how badly he wants to break. The project was therefore stopped at the same time as the costs, Ben Simmons forced himself to leave and won – after long months of conflict – his case. He’s sent to Brooklyn last February to be someone else’s problem. He doesn’t play the rest of the season, not physically or mentally ready.

But finally, this year, here is the Australian back. We saw him a bit in preseason, he showed that he was always the same for better or for worse, and all that is rather positive for the Nets. A date is to be watched in particular, that of November 22, the day of his first return to Philadelphia, to play and not just watch from the bench. An appointment on which Ben Simmons spoke, without language of wood.

“I’m really looking forward to it, yes. For me, any situation is an experience, an opportunity to learn. It will be new to me. I have never played again against a franchise that I left. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have experienced this, but not me, it’s a must. Kyrie went back to Boston and didn’t play well, but it’s tough. We are humans. We want to silence the critics. –Ben Simmons, via Nick Friedell d’ESPN.

Ben Simmons didn’t have to overwhelm his teammate but let’s move on, the Australian seems very eager to rub shoulders with his former audience, and to show that he is not (or no longer) afraid of him. A test that may not be easy, Philadelphia supporters not being known to be altar boys especially when they feel they have been disrespected. Simmons will probably be less clever when he sees kangaroo heads in the stands when shooting free throws. In any case, the parties involved are unanimous, looking forward to this meeting. Ben Simmons will be able to slam a 6/6/8 to silence the haters, the Philly supporters will have a blast, and we’ll get the popcorn out.

Ben Simmons’ return to Philadelphia is November 22 and it’s not to be missed. The Aussie will be able to show he made the right call by forcing a trade, and Sixers fans will be able to show how hostile the Philly crowd can be when he gets in on it.

Source texte : ESPN

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