Berlin prepares evacuation of embassy staff from Ukraine

DAccording to a media report, the Federal Foreign Office is working on an evacuation plan for the relatives of the German embassy employees in Ukraine. This was reported by the “Bild” newspaper early on Saturday evening. The relatives should, it says, be brought out of Ukraine if the situation deteriorates further.

There had previously been reports of concrete evacuation plans from the United States. According to information from the Fox News broadcaster, the US State Department asked family members of employees of the US Embassy in Ukraine to start working with the US Embassy on Monday evacuation to start. Over the next week, the State Department will also encourage Americans to leave Ukraine on commercial flights “while they are still available,” an official said.

First shipment of ammunition arrived

Late Friday evening, the American Embassy in Ukraine announced that the first shipment of ammunition had arrived, in accordance with President Joe Biden’s instructions. According to the source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these are mainly ammunition for small arms. she shared Fox News also announced that Javelin anti-tank missiles from the Baltic States and from American military stocks are expected to arrive early next week. The US government plans to ship “a ton” of arms and ammunition to Ukraine in the coming days, officials say.

Because of the German cancellation of arms deliveries to Ukraine the Ukrainian government has accused Berlin, the Russian head of state Wladimir Putin in its actions and to “undermine” Western unity in the conflict. Germany’s statements that it was not possible to deliver “defense weapons to Ukraine” did not “fit in with the current security situation,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

The unity of the West towards Russia is “more important today than ever,” said Kuleba. “The German partners must stop using such words and actions to undermine unity and to encourage Vladimir Putin to launch a new attack on Ukraine.” Ukraine is “grateful” for Germany’s previous support, but “the current statements are disappointing,” added the Foreign Minister. Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had previously rejected arms deliveries to Ukraine.

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