Best in Travel 2021: Lonely Planet sees new trends in vacation

Dhe corona pandemic is causing difficult times for tourism. One of the most famous travel guide brands in the world is also reacting to this. Instead of presenting ten best cities, countries and regions for the year 2021 in its book “Best in Travel”, Lonely Planet now wants to pay tribute online to 30 places, people and groups that are changing the travel industry.

People from Germany are also represented in the global “Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2021” campaign. On the one hand there is the Berlin Hesham Moadamani, who offers city tours about migration history, and on the other hand Karl Krause, who runs an LGBTIQ travel blog from Amsterdam with his partner Daan Colijn.

Hesham Moadamani, who fled Syria, offers tours in Berlin (Refugee Voices Tours), which are about the history and stories of migration. The German-Dutch couple Krause / Colijn illuminates in his Blog „Couple of Men“ the world for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer travelers.

Lonely Planet sees new trends in travel due to Corona

“Traveling in 2021 and beyond will be more considerate than ever before,” says Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera. When travelers re-enter the world cautiously, they may now focus on activities that are safe and positive for them and their hosts.

Therefore, one wants to highlight destinations and people who make it possible to travel regeneratively. It is about showing “how tourism can regenerate responsibly once we have overcome the pandemic”.

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For example, Gothenburg in Sweden is recommended as the “best city break” in terms of sustainability, because the city has taken measurable measures “to be fossil fuel independent by 2030”. “Best hiking trail” is the 395-kilometer network of Dante Streets (Le Vie di Dante) in Italy.

And the Canary Island El Hierro is named as the “best multi-generation destination”: “This remote, decelerated jewel of Spain is an environmentally conscious haven for travelers of all ages.”

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Lonely Planet has chosen ten “best” cities, countries and regions 15 times in the past few years. “Best in Travel” was part of a large number of editorial lists every year that highlight popular destinations.

In the travel book “Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2020”, Salzburg was proclaimed as a top travel city without any knowledge of the Corona, mainly because of the 100th anniversary of the festival. Bonn was in fifth place because of Beethoven’s 250th birthday. For 2019, Germany was in second place among the countries because of the Bauhaus anniversary.

Lonely Planet also invites readers on its Best-in-Travel website to add nominations for their favorite people and places that will shape the future of travel. The vote has been possible since Tuesday. Winner of the „Readers‘ Choice Awards“ should be announced in January.

Lonely Planet’s top ten for sustainability:

Best city trip: Gothenburg (Sweden)

Gothenburg in Sweden

Quelle: pa/Alexander Far/Alexander Farnsworth

According to Lonely Planet, Göteborg deserves great praise for “consistently topping the Global Destination Sustainability Index. 95 percent of its hotels are green certified, 65 percent of local public transport is powered by renewable energies, and the restaurants are displaying eco-labels and important awards. ”The city has also taken a number of measures to make it fossil-fuel-independent by 2030 to be, it says in the explanation.

Best Islands: Palau (Pacific Ocean)


Source: Getty Images / Olivier Blaise

As heavenly as the tropical Palau archipelago is safe, you can also feel the negative effects of climate change and tourism here. But “a decade of progressive politics, protective measures and voluntary commitments by guests have made the pristine Palau archipelago a pioneer in terms of environmental compatibility and sustainability”.

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Best accommodation: Grootberg Lodge (Namibia)

Grootberg Lodge on the Etendeka Plateau in Namibia

Source: pa / Chicago Tribu / Michaela Urban

Lonely Planet recognized the eco-friendly, luxurious Grootberg Lodge on the Etendeka Plateau in Namibia as the best accommodation, as it is not only geared towards sustainability, but also created jobs that have a positive impact on the human influence on wildlife. It says: “With around 70 employees, the resort has successfully turned many poachers into conservationists and offered the entire local economy better employment opportunities.”

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Beste Radroute: Virginia Mountain Bike Trail (USA)

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail (USA)

Quelle: Getty Images/Jacobs Stock Photography

The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail is nearly half a mile (800 kilometers) across the Blue Ridge Mountains in the US state of Virginia and the Appalachian Trail. The trail invites “to mud-covered bikepacking (a mixture of bicycle tour and backpacking) and is an adventurous kicking trip through the most beautiful hinterland that the south of the USA has to offer”.

Best Foodie Destination: Greece

Fish drying in the sun on the island of Naxos in Greece

Source: Getty Images / chantal

Hospitality is very important in Greece. And the country has a lot to offer in culinary terms, whereby sustainability is anchored in tradition: “With its markets for organic products, its abundance of wild herbs and the fishing on the islands, Greece is unintentionally one of the places with the most sustainable food in the world.”

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Best Train Trip: Rocky Mountaineer (Canada)

Rocky Mountaineer in Alberta, Kanada

Quelle: Getty Images/Chris Hepburn

What makes traveling on this train the best in the world? The reason is: “In order to preserve the splendor of the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountaineer train company has taken measures that the CO2-Reduce the train’s emissions. She also recycles more on board and has entered into partnerships to protect local wildlife. “

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Best Up and Coming Destination: Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean

Which: Getty Images / Roberto Moiola / Sysaworld

Antigua and Barbuda are particularly hard hit by the effects of climate change: In 2017, the Caribbean islands were devastated by Hurricane “Irma”. Since then, they have made environmental protection their top priority: single-use plastic and Styrofoam have been banned and the so-called “Green Corridor” has been set up – a collection of environmentally friendly hotels, vacation spots and shops.

Best conservation program: Rwanda

In Rwanda, a wildlife conservation program helped save the endangered wild mountain gorilla. To this end, new standards have been created for the sustainable protection of endangered species.

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Best hiking trail: Le Vie di Dante (Italy)

Dante statue in Florence (Italy)

Quelle: Getty Images/Dallas Stribley

What makes Le Vie di Dante the best hiking trail? The reason given by Lonely Planet is: The Dante Streets “run from Ravenna in the fertile Po Valley over the Apennines to Florence – and are an ode to Italy’s most celebrated literary legend. The paths use the regenerative power of slow travel and trace the poet’s paths through Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. Honey-colored hill towns, medieval castles, Romanesque churches, exciting, lonely forests, waterfalls and quiet mountains are lined up like pearls on a rosary. “

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Best storyteller: Soraya Abdel-Hadi

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Lonely Planet voted Soraya Abdel-Hadi as the best storyteller. Because on her blog and on Instagram Soraya Abdel-Hadi regularly deals with the question that concerns all environmentally conscious travelers: How do I combine my love of travel with the desire to protect the environment?

Here you can find the full list of “Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2021” – with the top ten in the “Society” and “Diversity” categories:


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