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2023-09-04 15:15:00

Despite all the talent of the Arkane Austin studio, Redfall is far from honoring the pedigree of its creators: technically wobbly, not very attractive, cheap scenario and average gameplay, it is particularly imperfect. Like Phil Spencer before him, Pete Hines admits to having stumbled: “We’re still the same company that lives with unpleasant launches, but we’re not giving up on anything.” Hines recalls the difficult PC launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, which did not suggest the MMO’s durability, or more complicated still, Fallout 76, which, let’s concede, ended up painfully raising the bar (without becoming excellent for as much).

Red is (not) dead

Thus, no question of abandoning the soldier Redfall in combat. “We didn’t start out the way we wanted, but it’s still a fun game…and we’ll keep working on it. We will reach 60 FPS [sur consoles, NDLR]. We’ll make it a good game because we know as a first-party studio that Game Pass is forever. 10 years from now you’ll still have new players on Game Pass, and Redfall will be there“, announces Pete Hines.

If this promise is as intriguing as it is reassuring for the few title buffs, it also means that Arkane Austin’s teams will have to deal with Redfall for quite a while yet. It remains to be hoped that this will not impact their next production, inevitably expected at the turn after this discomfiture. Until then, Bethesda will be able to prove its goodwill with the two future heroes in DLC, whose release date is not yet known. No range for 60 FPS on Xbox Series X|S either.

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