Betplay League: América de Cali Restructuring Plans for 2024

2023-11-29 01:18:53

Betplay League

The management of the scarlet team seeks to restructure the team after elimination from the League.

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Futbolred Editorial

November 28, 2023, 08:18 p.m. m.

América de Cali arrived as a favorite in the home runs of Liga BetPlay 2023-II, but after three lost games in group B, the team led by Lucas González was left with no chance of reaching the final.

In search of restructuring the squad for 2024, the team’s directors are already choosing which players will not continue for next year and although there is nothing official, there is talk of a sweep of six players.

The Cali newspaper ‘El País’ announced the players who would be in the pipeline to leave the squad and some names are surprising, although their departure will be more due to the irregularity they had in the semester.

One of the players who will leave is Diego Novoa, who did not have enough minutes after the arrival of Jorge Soto and was unable to compete with the young goalkeeper, who took over the goal throughout the League.

Likewise, Facundo Suárez would also be on that list and after not having the best performance with the scarlet team, he would have a safe exit.

Finally, Daniel Mosquera, Cristian Arrieta, Joyce Ossa and Gastón Sauro appear, who would not be in the plans either, although some of them could go on loan after having a current contract.

It is expected that America will finish the competition and thus the directives together with the coaching staff will begin the plan to improve the squad for 2024 and in the coming weeks more details about departures could be known.

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