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2024-04-19 09:30:19

The physicochemical characteristics of natural gas make it a fuel with very high potential. Here are the key articles to clearly understand the issues around this energy.

6 fundamental articles from Engineering Techniques, exceptionally open to all until May 2, 2024, allow us to understand the challenges of exploiting this resource:

  • Natural gas – Fossil energy
    An abundant energy resource, natural gas offers physicochemical characteristics that make it a fuel with very high potential for energy diversification and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Its use in liquid form remains no less restrictive.
  • Natural gas processing
    Natural gas is a transitional energy resource, awaiting new energies with lower carbon content. The treatment of pure natural gases has, among other objectives, the elimination of water and acidic compounds, the avoidance of corrosion problems and the minimization of atmospheric emissions.
  • A new geopolitics of energy
    What happens to the energy balance under climatic constraints? With the energy transition and the shift to carbon-free energies seriously changing the issues, energy geopolitics is experiencing the most eventful period in its history.
  • CO2 capture – Technology for the energy transition
    Take an interest in the three main families of CO2 capture technologies, their principles and their technical descriptions. What are the obstacles and levers for action to make these processes a success factor for the energy transition?
  • Characterization of heterogeneous catalysts by model reactions
    Model reactions make it possible to study the characteristics of catalysts used in major industrial refining and petrochemical processes: activity, selectivity and stability. Their implementation can be carried out in environmental conditions very close to those of the industrial unit.

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