Biankang Pills: Enhancing Lung Function and Improving Immunity – A Breakthrough Treatment for Stubborn Diseases

2023-10-27 20:49:04

The Byeonkang pills developed by Director Seo Hyo-seok of Byeonkang Oriental Hospital can effectively enhance human lung function and improve immunity. So far, it has benefited hundreds of thousands of patients with atopic dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma, tonsillitis and other stubborn diseases around the world. (Biankang Service Center/Epoch Times Cartography)

Human beings may be a kind of doubtful being. Despite so many treatment examples, some patients come to the hospital and first ask, “I don’t believe that atopic dermatitis can really be cured. What if it can’t be cured?” In order to explain these questions, let us first look at why the disease does not good.

You can’t be cured by eating it

As mentioned earlier, the misunderstanding about Biankang Pill is that people think it is a medicine that can cure all diseases, so they wonder, “How can there be a medicine that can cure all diseases in the world?” In addition, some people think that it is a medicine that can cure all diseases after taking it. Cure medicine.

Biankang Pill is definitely not a cure-all for all diseases, it is just a lung scavenger. When the lungs are clean, the tonsils, the king of lymph, can better perform their duties. The tonsils alone can make the body’s overall immune system stronger and can treat many diseases. Taking the root causes of respiratory diseases and skin diseases as treatment targets, by enhancing lung function, restoring vitality, and improving the phagocytic ability of white blood cells, the result will be that the root cause of the disease is gone, and many symptoms will disappear, so people are easily mistaken for It can cure all diseases.

In addition, it is not true that the disease will be cured after taking Biankang Pills. Especially for patients with atopic dermatitis, if I just want to be comfortable and live in a muddle, thinking that the disease will be cured by taking medicine, the treatment time will only be longer.

There is a saying called “spitting and pecking at the same time”, which is a word that describes the chicks emerging from the shell. In order for the chick to figure it out, on the one hand, the hen has to peck the eggshell with her mouth from the outside, and on the other hand, the chick has to peck the eggshell from the inside. The broken eggshell is the result of the efforts of both parties. The same is true for atopic dermatitis. To expel toxins from the body, you cannot just rely on Korean medicine. The patient must continue to exercise to open the sweat pores to cooperate with the treatment. Of course, in order not to accumulate new toxins, we must abide by the rules of life. If you are too lazy to exercise and use steroid drugs that have a short-term sedative effect, your previous efforts will be in vain.

Treatment pain that must be overcome

There is an experiment about desire and self-control – the story of marshmallow candy. It tells the story of “Don’t be in a hurry to eat marshmallows yet” in the form of the successful protagonist, Jonathan, telling his experience to the driver, Charlie. This book was also translated and published in South Korea in 2005, which caused a great response. .

The same goes for treating disease. Choose a treatment method after careful consideration. After getting the prescription for the right medicine, take the medicine patiently with trust and belief, so that the disease will be cured. But it is not a blind belief like a religion. By understanding countless cured cases, I developed a belief that I can be cured as well, and I went all out to cooperate with the treatment.

Among the patients who come to Byeonkang Oriental Hospital, many of them have been to major hospitals in search of miraculous medicines, and finally came here after hearing that Byeonkang Pills are very effective. Such patients tend to fall into a misunderstanding, that is, they think that our medicines are numerous. One of those miracle drugs. If Biankang Pill was “one” of the miraculous drugs, how could it be possible that there are hundreds of thousands of cure cases and are well received at home and abroad?

From more than 50 years of clinical examples, we can directly see how effective Biankang Pills are. Therefore, we must take the medicine with the belief that “it will definitely be cured.” Especially patients with atopic dermatitis will experience a “dizziness reaction.” , there will definitely be a process of expelling toxins and wastes. If you cannot wait patiently, you will give up treatment midway, which will eventually lead to deterioration and recurrence. There are also many people who still live in pain.

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People who have worked hard to seek medical treatment everywhere and tried various medicines without success have finally cured hundreds of thousands of cases with Biankang Pills. All diseases that cannot be cured with Western medicine can be cured with Biankang Pills. Now it is so clear In the face of the clear facts, Western medicine doctors still ask: “Could it be that drugs have been added?” They simply don’t want to believe in Korean medicine. This is today’s reality.

Korean medicine is a holistic medicine that focuses on the organic interaction of the human body. Because it is intuitive medicine, it is different from Western medicine that relies on mechanized and analytical indicators as judgment criteria. The two can only be parallel lines, so I sincerely hope that you can use different perspectives. A new look at Korean medicine. (This article is excerpted from the book “Bian Que’s Wish in Bian Kang” by Xu Xiaoxi, with some abridgements.)


Asthma and pollen allergies have improved for more than 20 years

I am Mr. Zheng from Los Angeles, USA. I am 77 years old.

I came to the United States more than 30 years ago. I worked hard every day to realize the American dream and finally got a house I was satisfied with. Planting flowers and grass in the yard in my spare time is my greatest pleasure. I started smoking when I was 17 years old. When I was in my 40s, I developed asthma, tracheal stenosis, and a lot of phlegm every morning, so I slowly quit smoking. But the doctor said that the nicotine in my lungs is still there and will not disappear immediately because I quit smoking.

When I was in my 50s, I suffered from rhinitis again. I had seven or eight nasal polyp surgeries to no avail. Later, my sense of smell became less sensitive. Allergy symptoms appear again during the pollen season. My eyes are itchy and my nose is very stuffy. Anti-allergic drugs are ineffective, so I have to stay at home every spring. When I went to bed at night, I would have a coughing fit, and then I would have severe wheezing. Over the past few years, my health has gotten worse and worse. I would gasp when I moved even a little bit, and I couldn’t even do my favorite things like planting flowers and mowing the lawn. My family searched everywhere for medical advice for my health. As long as it is good for my health, no matter how much money I spend, I buy it and let me try it, but the results are still getting worse.

I had seen an advertisement for Bian Kang Wan in 2015, and I wondered if the information in the newspaper was reliable? In 2017, my wheezing and coughing became more and more serious. Under my wife’s repeated urging, I bought my first bottle of Biankang Pills in July 2018. I felt it had no effect at first, but I persisted in taking it with full confidence; when I took about the sixth bottle, one night I suddenly I became more confident when I found that the regular coughing and asthma attacks did not occur. When I started taking it in March 2020, the doctor’s examination showed that my lungs were much clearer than before. Now I no longer have to worry about allergies during pollen season, I can prune flowers and plants again, and do whatever I want. I feel that my health has improved a lot, and my wife and daughter are no longer worried about me. I am very grateful to Dean Xu for the invention of Biankang Pills, which is really helpful in clearing the lungs and curing asthma.

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