Bid for Nutresa and Sura: Gilinski Second Round Results | Companies | Business

Following the completion of the second round of takeover bids for the Gilinski group over Grupo Sura and Grupo Nutresa, that business group obtained 31.5% and 30.8% of the stock ownership of each company, respectively.

(Gilinski seeks 6.15% to be the largest shareholder of Nutresa).

However, the Colombian Stock Exchange said that the figures are in a review process, which will take a couple of days.

It must be remembered that last November 10 the group Gilinski had launched a takeover bid with which he sought to buy 50.1% of Nutresa, the main food processing conglomerate in the country.

(Is it possible that a third takeover bid will be carried out by Nutresa and Sura?).

Days later, the Gilinski group, in view of the fact that directors of the Antioquian business group said they would seek a non-controlling strategic partner, the Gilinski group launched a new takeover bid on the South American group with which it sought to acquire up to 33.5% of its shares.

Both purchase processes ended on January 11 in the case of Grupo Sura and on January 12 for Nutresa. but days later Gilinski launched a second series of takeover bids for each of the companies to try to gain control that he had not obtained in the first takeover bid with Nutresa and increase the participation he obtained in Grupo Sura.


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