Biden-Lebed Ad: American-Israeli Profits from the Arab Enclave – Al-Binaa Newspaper

fee President American of the Biden direction Objectives that came for that to me Region Across Statement Subscriber that sign it with president Government Occupation Yair lapid, And who done name it with a statement Jerusalem, Include three addresses, the first he is Commitment American superiorly Israel qualitative militarily, The second he is pledge American not Allow by owning Iran for a weapon nuclear, And the mediator he is Pursuit To mergeIsraelin Region.

audit in topic Addresses and details All Of which deliver us to me that Equation Biden get up on me Pay price consent entity Occupation on me Signature the agreement nuclear again From the side American with Iran in return he is a guarantee American to protect entity From the danger Which war coming may be break out evidence and between strong Resistance, that refused Iran Stop About support it in context Which Happening future, and commitment by clicking on me the side Gulf More From Procedures normalization and attract Countries New mechanism like Saudi Arabia, on me Account Which progress in project seriously to meet limit lowest From Rights Palestinians as such previously pledge referees Arab in summit Beirut general 2002 by equation link normalization apply The initiative Arabic for peace.

in slit The private in Iran, From the obvious in Statement despite All talk that It seems up that Washington I got From Leadership entity on me approval that you want it to sign Happening with Iran as a destination Main to guarantee non to have Iran for a weapon nuclear, and commitment in return that by commitment presenting protection expansion normalization.

protection that I pledged Washington out You find translated striving to implicate Gulf form line defense In front of me About entity Occupation, and normalization he is prize satisfaction Make Money Gulf Baba for investment Israeli. and this is You know? practically that American Takes From pocket Israeli What need it to rest in orientation Toward understanding with Iran then Takes All What in pocket Arabi instead of for the Israeli, And in the end Laugh on me Arab and say for them it’s a protect them From Iran.

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