Biden: Monkeypox threat does not rise to the level of Corona

A study conducted by an American pharmaceutical company warned that failure to take precautions, especially wearing masks, against catching the emerging coronavirus infection, increases the risk of contracting the disease in the future.

Computer models conducted by the company “Fractal” indicate that people who are not vaccinated and do not wear masks, can expect to be infected at least once a year.

And the chance of infection may reach up to once every two years for non-vaccinated people, who regularly wear “high-quality” masks in public places.

For restaurants who wear masks or not, they may get infected “less frequently” although it is impossible to say how often, said Arijit Chakravarty, researcher and CEO of the company.

“The bottom line is if you plan to not wear a mask and live your life as usual, expect to get infected at least once a year, if not more,” he said.

He added, “But if you plan to wear the muzzle everywhere except at home, it is likely that this risk will be cut in half.”

These models take into account the diminished immunity provided by vaccines, previous infections, and immune evasion, and assume that with each infection, a person acquires a measure of protection against the virus, albeit temporarily, according to Fortune report. about the topic.

But CEO Chakravarty said the models did not take into account the possibility of the evolution of a mutant that completely evaded immunity.

As Americans travel for Memorial Day holidays, recommended The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended wearing masks indoors as the number of cases rises.

Federal health officials have warned Last Wednesday, they warned of the possibility of things getting worse in the coming months, and they urged the hardest-hit areas to consider re-issue calls to wear masks.

They pointed out that a third of Americans live in communities experiencing increasing levels of corona infection, which may cause them to be hospitalized.

“Currently, increases are concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest. (But) previous increases in infection have shown that this can be cross-country transmission,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wallinsky said in a White House briefing.

The CDC canceled its recommendation that masks should be worn in public places in May last year.

A federal judge in Florida repealed the national authorization to wear masks during flights on planes and other public transportation, saying it exceeded the authority of American health officials.

The New York governor previously announced that the state would end the Covid-19 mandate, which requires masks in most indoor public places, but will keep them in schools.

And the US health authorities reduced the quarantine period for those infected with Covid-19 who do not show symptoms of the disease in half, that is, only five days.

And the quarantine period for unvaccinated contacts was reduced from 14 days to five days, with them strongly urged to put a muzzle in the following five days as well. Vaccinated contacts do not need to isolate themselves.

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