‘Big Joke-Department of Land’ sets a position to revoke illegal rights documents on Koh Lipe. The villagers hope that they will not be bullied again.

“Big Joke – Director General of the Department of Lands” sets a position to revoke the illegal rights document on Koh Lipe. The Urak Lawoi people have hope after entering the city. I believe I won’t be bullied again.

20 Jan. 2023 – at the Complaint Center government house Representatives of Koh Lipe fishermen, Satun province, have traveled to follow up on progress and provide confidential information. Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal or “Big Joke” Deputy Commissioner of the National Police As Chairman of the Information and Facts Examination Committee on Land Disputes Related to the Chao Le Community, Koh Lipe, Satun Province, by Pol. Prime Minister’s Office proceeding to return justice to the people Personally, he is responsible for law enforcement.

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that Today we have discussed all together with the Department of Lands, the Department of National Parks, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. and the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

“Today, we must first find out whether after 1955 the land issued by SorKor. 1 and Nor Sor. What about the land that is in addition to the issuance of land title deeds, is it correct or not? We already have information. Do not forget that this matter has been in operation since 1990 until the government of General Prayut Chan-o-cha. to follow the law Where there is an offense, the law must be enforced. Whatever part is right, it will be fair,” said Pol. Gen. Surachet.

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that when looking at various maps, it was troubling. But we also have a duty to make the law into law and make the truth appear. When any part that is illegally issued must be prosecuted. Any part that is issued in favor is considered valid.

“Which part is illegally issued? The Director General of the Department of Lands will continue By relying on the principles of legal experts and aerial photography maps Today, there is a collaboration between the Department of Special Investigation and the Ministry of Natural Resources to look at the area and bring mapping experts and lawyers to take action. Including discussing with the Director General of the Department of Lands which part is exceeded which part does not exceed We have all the information, ”said the deputy commissioner of the police.

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that this problem was caused by the rapid development of the Andaman area to the point that it lacked balance. Causing the existing 3 groups of fishermen to adjust in time because sometimes there is little legal knowledge is a vulnerable group we must take care of him which Mr. Anucha emphasized that fairness must occur Which part of the land belongs to whom must be said according to the law no hesitation

“Proofing the right to land Other evidence has been used to prove the facts. In addition to documents issued by the government as well. must adhere to the law because to revoke someone’s land is considered a violation of their rights When rights are infringed, they will surely be sued. Therefore, going to revoke or stand on the basis of the law must stand on the same principle because there is only one law When it comes to a single principle, it will be easy to answer questions, ”said Pol. Gen. Surachet.

The reporter asked If the actual ownership of the land is revoked, the state will be responsible for compensation to the private person, the next buyer who holds the ownership or not. The chairman of the committee said In this part, we have to take time to investigate because it will happen after prosecution. which if there is any part that is in excess of the actual land, it must be completely revoked and after being revoked until it became state land The state will allocate the new land by itself.

when asked whether Villagers are concerned about the 11th plot of land Aug. 1. When visiting the area on January 22, will there be an inspection at this point or not? Pol. Gen. Surachet said that from discussions with the Director General of the Department of Lands, he also found that there were some plots that had problems in issuing excess title deeds. But the part that requires evidence to withdraw, we have already gathered. There is already enough information. Ask to go to the area to see more details. But from looking at the photos, it was found that there was excess and the document was not properly issued.

“I will proceed to report the allegations. and send the matter to the Director-General of the Department of Lands to set up the matter and set up a working group to revoke the right document During the allegation process Doesn’t take long But the process of the Department of Lands must first ask the Director General of the Department of Lands. This matter is urgent and cannot wait. will speed up the process as soon as possible, ”said Pol. Gen. Surachet.

Concerns that there will be a political vacuum after the government’s term expires. will make the working group unable to continue working Pol. Gen. Surachet confirmed that although this government will end its term But the authority of the working group will not cease to exist. remain the same Confirm that you must continue Because of this problem with the suffering of the people clearly There is a new government that has to continue. As for the concern that this has involved influential groups that occupy many islands in the Andaman Sea. Will it be an obstacle to the work of the working group or not? Pol. Gen. Surachet said that there was no fear in this matter and it was okay.

The representatives of the sea people gave a replica of the sword as a symbol of encouragement. Police General Surachet take action to remove and hand over confidential information to the working group for further consideration

Earlier, representatives of the Lake Ko Lipe people submitted a letter to Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, where Mr. Anucha said that this action had handed over the policy to relevant officials, namely the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Lands, Ministry of Interior. that the work this time to adhere to the principles of justice and act with integrity without looking at anyone’s face And this committee will fully proceed with the justice process. I want people to be confident.

“If a government official is found guilty there will be no omissions The working group now has some level of information that can act on a number of areas. But if the sea gypsum network has more information, it can be given to the working group, ”said Mr. Anucha.

However, after the representatives of the Koh Lipe fishermen group submitted a letter to Mr. Anucha and Pol. Gen. Surachet. submitted a letter to Mr. Peeraphan Salirathaviphak, Secretary-General to the Prime Minister with the request to know the progress of land inspection and the progress of coordinating with the Justice Fund in helping fishermen prosecuted on Koh Lipe Island

After that, all Urak Lawoi representatives traveled by van back to Koh Lipe. after traveling Bangkok since January 14, 2022, a total of 6 days and must hurry back to receive the working group Police General Surachet to enter the area on January 22

While Ms. Saluay Harntalay, a representative of sea gypsies who traveled this time, said followed up on the complaint which is expected to make the story of the sea people get to know more clearly The important thing is to require relevant agencies to inspect land documents, especially those issued illegally. At least the land belonging to the state property where the school is located would want adults to go down and see. in order to ensure safety for children At least let him know. In the future we will not be bullied again.

“We thank all departments. All the media helped to present the facts. I confirm that what we say is not made up. Returning to the island on this trip, we feel a lot more hopeful. We have already told the people back home about our hope because there are agencies to help take care of us. Everyone was very happy and proud that the agency took the matter and said that it would urgently solve the problem. Even if it’s not fixed within 1-2 days, we’re glad that we still have hope to fix it, ”said Ms. Saluay.

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