Big S’s marriage announcement announces “new identity” and small S’s new program will be available next month | Entertainment | CTWANT

Big S threw a shock bomb yesterday, confirming that his 10-year marriage with Wang Xiaofei has come to an end. Today (23rd), as a producer, she collaborated with her sister Xiao S on the variety show “Xidi Wants to Chat”, announced that it will be scheduled to be released exclusively on CATCHPLAY+ on December 23, and will be released simultaneously in Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. , And 10 different guests sparked unprecedented sparks. Regarding the simultaneous premiere of the program in three international locations, Xiao S said: “I want to show the audience the most authentic, naked, brave, and self-directed me, regardless of Which country you are in, I hope to get joy and healing through “Xidi Wants to Talk”.”

Xiao S’s new program will be launched simultaneously on the 23rd of next month, every Thursday in three places around the world. (Picture/provided by CATCHPLAY)

Little S revealed that the program was jointly planned by her, the big S, and the producer B2. “The style is very different from the past. It should be true at this stage of life. “Xidi Wants to Talk” is a piece of content without Over-packaged, fast, fun and unpretentious, a brand-new type of talk show. CATCHPLAY provides a lot of space for me to do what I really want to do without wasting my life. This is a very happy collaboration.”

It is reported that “Kangxi” partner Cai Kangyong is one of the guests in her show, and her sister Big S is also involved in the production of the new show. Will the outside world expect the sisters to be in the same frame through the show? B2 said that guests still need to keep confidential. “Big S’s status as a producer is all through teleconferences, discussing with you the selection of guests and content ideas for the program. Most of them are executed by him, and the recording process of Big S is not on site.” But he It was revealed, “We have spent more than half a year recording, and the artists in it are all very famous. I think it’s quite worth looking forward to.”


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