BILD comment: Oliver Glasner is Martin Hinteregger’s last chance! – Bundesliga

Pretty sneaky, Hinti!

What actually drove Frankfurt’s fan favorite Martin Hinteregger to give such a self-pitying interview in the Austrian media? Why is he stabbing the club bosses in the back right now?

Especially after the good four-ear conversation with Oliver Glasner, after which Hinteregger and the Eintracht coach agreed that they both want to work together in Frankfurt until 2024.

How can Hinti then seriously go public a day later and explain that he was surprised at the club’s about-face. That’s cheeky towards Glasner, who, like sports boss Markus Krösche, always stood up for Hinteregger.

But the Austrian continues, explaining that a lot broke up between him and the club and that he lacked appreciation. A monthly salary of almost 200,000 euros is a lot of appreciation on the part of Eintracht.

The fans love him like no club before. And the fact that Glasner kept putting him up, even though Hinti often didn’t behave professionally, is to the coach’s credit.

It’s about time Hinteregger understood that Glasner is his last chance at Eintracht. For this he has to learn not to tear his cult status in Frankfurt with his butt any longer….

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