Bill Gates Embraces Gaming: A Broader Definition of the Term

2023-06-07 12:36:32

Bill Gates recently referred to himself as a gamer, arguing that the definition of the word has now become broader and no longer refers to Someone who “spends hundreds of hours on one game”.

An article on his blog new post In it, the billionaire talks about his relationship with a book he read called Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow. “This novel about video games is very personal to me,” Gates said. “I never thought I’d be connected to a book about games, but I love Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

He went on to talk about how he wouldn’t call himself a gamer in recent years, but now believes he can. “When I was younger, I loved arcade games and got really good at Tetris. In recent years, I’ve started playing a lot of online bridge and games like Spelling Bees and a bunch of Wordle variations. The definition of a gamer is becoming more and more Broad and inclusive, it might be fair to start calling me a gamer.

Gates now believes that the gaming industry is “a human A great metaphor for connecting with people.” We doubt he’ll be in the Call of Duty lobbies anytime soon, but it’s still interesting to hear Microsoft’s creator dive into the gaming world.

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