Bitcoin crosses the $ 18,000 mark

The current bitcoin frenzy continues. The price of the most famous cryptocurrency crossed the $ 18,000 mark in a turbulent market on Wednesday morning, before falling by more than $ 1,000 in a matter of minutes.

Early Wednesday morning, bitcoin was trading around $ 17,850 on the Luxembourg platform Bitstamp After having just passed the $ 17,000 mark early Tuesday afternoon, it jumped to a new plus high of nearly $ 18,480, a level more reached since early 2018.

The record of $ 20,000 reached at the end of 2017 seems more than ever within range. But in view of the current huge fluctuations, the financial community is warning of an ‘explosive mix’.

According to Emden Research, the mood is mostly driven by ‘fear of missing something’. According to the German broker, the record price will probably not be exceeded, with investors preferring ‘at that time at the latest’ to pocket their profits.

estime Emden Research.

Interest in bitcoin is further fueled by the fact that a growing number of central banks are considering the introduction of their own digital currency.



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