“BLG Makes History: Upset Victory Against GEN in League of Legends MSI Mid-Season Game”

2023-05-20 05:54:44

“League of Legends” MSI mid-season game was a big upset in the battle between GEN and BLG yesterday (5/19). It was generally expected that the first seed of the LCK, GEN, would be able to easily defeat BLG. Unexpectedly, BLG had the advantage in most of the three games , and finally won three games in a row to win. This is also the first time in 3147 days that an LPL team defeated an LCK team in straight sets again, making history.

GG 3:0

In the first game, GEN came up with a very threatening lineup in team battles, trying to break through BLG’s Jieli Lulu combination, but after several rounds of team battles, GEN failed to break through BLG’s Maokai and Talia, so Elk Jieli got enough Output space, as the lineup began to exert strength, GEN was unable to recover, and BLG won the first game.

In the second game, GEN selected JDG’s very powerful combination of Wukong and Anne, and also selected Feiai, who was greedy for Kench to counter BLG. At 26 minutes, Peanut was too aggressive, and ON Brown seized the opportunity to turn back. Elk became restless after killing Peanut. With Bin who entered the field from the side, BLG played zero for three and ate Baron.


At this time, the level of Bin was gradually formed, and everyone in GEN was at their wits’ end in order to deal with Elk. Xiaolong, BLG with the soul of the water dragon is fearless, and under the leadership of Bin, he is advancing all the way, and he is going straight to the main castle, and he is drawing cards in the series.


In the third game, BLG took out Sion’s first-class routine. Although they didn’t try the tower kill in the end, they dismantled GEN’s four eyes and stole two wild monsters in the wild area, which severely damaged the rhythm of Peanut’s mirror claws until 15 minutes. The growth-type hero Mirror Claw is only 17 yuan ahead of the functional hero Fei Ai, and he has not controlled a single dragon, which is the most unfavorable situation.

Then Peanut’s mirror claw was first solo killed by Yagao in the wild area, and because he was caught in the team battle at 17 points, he fired off what should have been used to protect Peyz, allowing BLG to seize the opportunity and point directly to the back row. Elk was in ample space. Scored four consecutive kills and laid the foundation for victory. Even if XUN gave several opportunities in a row, GEN could not take a step closer. In the end, Elk led BLG to an upset victory over a strong enemy with a terrifying record of 16/1/11, and ranked first in the LCK Seed Gen.

According to official statistics, this is also the first time in 3147 days that an LPL team defeated an LCK team in straight sets. The last time LPL defeated LCK 3:0 was OMG defeating NaJin White Shield (NJS) in the 2014 World Series. Today, BLG made history A brand new page.


Taunt five!

At the moment when BLG won, the head coach Tabe was so excited that he ran behind the GEN players to celebrate without noticing, and the whole embarrassing situation was filmed.

After the match, Tabe also posted an apology on Weibo, saying that he was too excited to go to the wrong side, “I kept calling nice and found out why my buddies’ team uniforms are all black, I apologize to GenG!”, which added another interesting thing to Tabe’s coaching career .

Tabe on the wrong side

Tabe posted an apology after the game

Tonight’s MSI schedule will start at 7 o’clock. In the championship match, BLG will face the LCK team again. This time, the opponent is T1, which has fought five rounds with JDG. It can be said that it is a more difficult opponent. The winner will seize the finals last ticket.

Can T1 hold on to the final glory of the LCK, or can the LPL achieve a complete victory and repeat the civil war in the finals? Let’s read on.

Photo Credit: Riot Games

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