“BLG vs T1: Dark Horse BLG Secures Spot in League of Legends MSI Final Against JDG”

2023-05-20 15:31:29

“League of Legends” MSI has come to the final stage. Today (5/20) in the losing championship match, T1 faced BLG. T1 lost two consecutive games under the huge pressure on their shoulders. BLG won the final ticket 3:1, and the two LPL teams will compete for the final championship tomorrow night.

dark horse

In the first game, T1 chose a strong opening lineup with strong collisions in the early stage, but it did not yield results. In 15 minutes, the economy fell behind BLG by 3,000. At this time, the official prediction was that BLG’s winning rate was as high as 70%. When Tiao Xiaolong was reborn, he miraculously won the team battle and dragged the battle to the late stage.

At 39 minutes, Oner stole the water dragon, T1 added the dragon soul, and then won the team battle and ate the jaw dragon, but the economy of the two sides was still the same. At 42 minutes, T1 first captured Yagao who was too deep, and the situation became 4 vs 5, but BLG The Jieli Lulu combination of the team is not afraid, Elk is full of buffs and moves forward, defeating the fleeing T1 members one by one, and with the embellishment of triple kills, helping BLG to get ahead.


In the second round, BLG used Sion’s first-class routine in front of the founder T1. Although Bin was sacrificed, it was successfully exchanged for Elk’s economic lead. BLG also took advantage of the bottom lane to master four dragons in a row to obtain the Wind Dragon Soul.

At this time, T1, who was forced by the whole game, decided to give it a go and launched a team battle in the Barong area. Zeus Kai was able to cut in from the side, but was resolved by the BLG bottom lane team. , in the end T1 was unable to struggle, and BLG drew in the series.


never admit defeat

Before the start of the third game, Gumayusi gestured 2 and 3 in the waiting room, showing the momentum of “we will let the second chase the third”. After entering the game, T1 blew the counterattack horn after Oner stole the first dragon. T1 Grasp BLG to select the weak three-arrow lineup in the early stage, and continue to advance in the early stage. BLG was caught off guard. Faker also regained his glory when he chose Cassante, leading the team to quickly snowball.

At 22 minutes, T1 took the Dragon Soul with great vigor and beat BLG throughout the game. Not only did BLG fail to win a single dragon, but it also failed to destroy a single tower. In the end, T1 ate the ancient dragon and moved all the buildings of BLG Ping, regaining a victory in a desperate situation.


In the fourth game, BLG successfully tower-killed Gumayusi twice in the early stage, made great progress in the bottom lane, and quickly won the four dragons and fire dragon souls just like the previous script, and then Faker Ali turned the tide and locked Elk in place twice, helping T1 takes the ancient dragon soul.

However, the disadvantage of the lineup made it difficult for T1 to deal with Bin’s Fiora, and the sideline resources were eroded. In the end, a team battle broke out between the two sides in 37 minutes. Elk Jieli went forward bravely in her resurrection armor. victory.

There is always a way out

After the game, coach Tabe rushed into the stage excitedly before the game officially ended, but was dragged away by the referee. In addition, Tabe led the RNG team to win the MSI championship in the past two years, and now he entered the final again. The coach who was blocked for “leaking BP” on the anchor platform became the first coach in history to lead the team to the MSI finals for three consecutive years, creating the “Tabe” obstacle.


This series reflects the gap in strength between the two sides. T1 has almost no room to fight back. BLG defeated the LCK team two days in a row, and will meet JDG in the MSI final at 7 o’clock tomorrow night. This is the first time an LPL civil war will be staged in an international competition. The championship and runner-up will be arranged by the LPL team.

Will JDG, led by Korean aid Ruler, have the last laugh, or will the big dark horse BLG be able to wave the banner of the all-China class and win the first international championship in the history of the all-China class? Let’s see to the end!


Photo Credit: Riot Games

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