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During the Xbox conference, Blizzard unveiled the Necromancer, fifth class of Diablo 4. The title will be available in 2023 on PC and Consoles in Cross-Play and Cross-Progression. Also discussed are choices, customization, exploration, social systems and endgame. Find all the info below!

Note: More information regarding the Necromancer will be shared in the quarterly article tomorrow.

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2022 event, we told you the story of a fierce conflict between Hell and Heaven, announced the return of Lilith, the demonic creator of Sanctuary, and shared juicy details about the next episode. from the Diablo saga: Diablo IV.

Before you continue reading, we would like to announce to you that Diablo IV will be released in 2023 sur PC Windows, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5 et supportera le cross-play and the shared progress on all platforms. On console, players will also be able to slay demons side-by-side with loved ones using the local coop. And that’s not all, because we have another spooky announcement for you! In addition to the Barbarian, Druid, Rogue, and Sorceress classes, the game’s fifth and final class will be available from launch… This is the Necromancerthe purveyor of death with the sharp scythe!

If the flames of our infernal presentation at the showcase have gone out before you can admire them, don’t worry, you will find all the obscure and intriguing information you need below. Take a seat around the campfire as we introduce you Diablo IV !

Meet the Necromancer

For a priest of Rathma, called a necromancer by the profane, the word death connotes power, and even enthusiasm. These legendary summoners bend blood, bone and darkness to their will and subjugate the ranks of the undead to do their bidding. Unwitting adversaries who fight against this death-defying class will quickly learn that they have made a grave mistake, for they are the darkness itself.

We have more than one trick in our coffin, which is why we have decided to explain to you how the Necromancer class works, which allows you to decimate and revive demons in Diablo IV. Take a look at our article Quarterly report on Diablo IV : June 2022 which will appear on the blog tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. book of the deadfrom Adam Jackson, lead class designer.

You decide

Diablo IV rests above all on the choices of the players. There isn’t just one way to play; each person traces their path, shapes their destiny, nothing is linear and everything depends on the decisions made. This principle also applies to character customization, skills, exploration of the shared open world of Diablo IV and its social systems and, of course, for the end game. Let’s take a look at these gameplay systems and some of the choices available to you.

Character Customization

The inhabitants of Sanctuary are as numerous as they are varied. We wanted that same diversity to be reflected in your character choice as well, which YOU bring to life. And so, whether you embark on Diablo IV as a Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Thief or Witch, you will be redirected to a Character Customizer offering a plethora of options. With so much to choose from, it’s not just about aesthetics, as you’ll have vast skill trees for each class, each offering countless ways to decimate the armed forces of the Underworld with your character.

Explore as you please

As we’ve told you before, there isn’t just one way to explore Sanctuary in Diablo IV, it’s up to you how to proceed. The world is vast, with icy mountain ranges, sandy canyons, plague lands and many other environments. All this with dangers and demons to face, as well as secrets to discover. You won’t just walk through an empty world playing Diablo IV : every square centimeter is designed for clashes.

As you explore the surroundings, you will be able to observe the damage caused by the return of Lilith, and you will find yourself facing a new danger: the Bastions. These are places claimed by the servants of Hell, and over which darkness now reigns. Clear strongholds to permanently alter these locations and repopulate them with non-demonic lifeforms for loot. Clearing a stronghold can also be used to reveal new dungeons to explore and other secret adventures. Speaking of dungeons, Diablo IV contains nearly 150 dungeons of great complexity. Face your opponents in close combat and eliminate the evil that gnaws the place throughout the main quest, and even after. Each time you enter a dungeon, its layout and the location of opponents change, allowing you to devise new strategies to take on ever more challenges and overcome the dangers within.

Sanctuary is crawling with demons to eliminate! In addition to dangerous dungeons and heavily guarded bastions, local events waiting for you. Complete them solo or with your team, in the name of glory and rewards. And for the most daring people who would like to take on a particularly difficult challenge, imposing boss hors instance travel the world with the aim of decimating those who deign to confront them. Form a defensive team to overthrow these nightmarish titans.

Social systems

Forming a team to rid Sanctuary of bloodthirsty demons or choosing to face them head-to-head are two staples of the Diablo experience. It is for this reason that Diablo IV will continue this tradition by offering both thrilling PvE and PvP phases to its community. Letting players choose to hunt Lilith solo or with the help of others is more proof of the agency you have when playing Diablo IV.

To make slaying demons with your friends a breeze, we’ve redesigned party formation. So no matter what level your character is or where you are in your quest line, you will always be able to group up. This is also the case for players on different platforms who would like to work together to purge Sanctuary of the evil that eats away at it.

But if defeating hordes of demons with other people isn’t to your liking, you might prefer a deadlier opponent. Mephisto, Lord of Hate, is always ready to fight. He damned certain areas of Sanctuary, turning them into cursed fields. It is there that he makes mortals confront each other, in PvP areas provided for this purpose. If you give in to Mephisto and become his enemy, you expose yourself to the wrath of his other enemies, but if you manage to take down your opponent, you can reclaim his loot. These areas are not for the faint-hearted, but rather for the brave who seek to make their name known with fervent bloodshed!

End-game deals

The end of the last chapter of the main story of Diablo IV will be phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean your adventure will end there. We want you to consider the end of Diablo IV like a new beginning for which you will have to make many decisions for the rest of the events. You can first try to cross the nightmare dungeons, these having been transformed, they are full of improved demonic dangers and additional difficulties in the form of new objectives and afflictions. Perhaps you would prefer to take another direction, reconnecting with your roots for example. Do not look any further, the tree of whispersan end-game system, will regularly offer out-of-instance objectives and rewards for legendary items, experience, crafting materials, and more!

In Sanctuary, danger is constant and omnipresent. To overcome your journey through the Underworld, you will need to excel. Once you reach the maximum level, you will unlock the paragon boardand with it, hundreds of new ways to customize your character even further.

Thank you for joining us around the campfire to learn more about Diablo IV ! The year 2023 and the release of the game is fast approaching, therefore additional and obscure information will be communicated to you. Don’t forget to regularly check the quarterly reports and other blog posts.

Farewell… for now,
– The team of Diablo IV

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