Blizzard increases player Stamina and creature damage by 40% at level 70 – World of Warcraft

In a post just published, Kaivaix shares a change in player hit points and creature damage at level 70. Following the Closed Beta testing sessions of Dragonflightthe devs noticed that healers were too effective in high-level content, especially after adding extra talent points

Generally, Blizzard increases players’ hitpoints linearly with damage so that the pace of the game stays relatively the same across levels. A recent example is the Deeper Bond Renown reward which increases players’ Stamina by 10% to compensate for power gain through Covenant abilities, Soulbinds, and Intermediaries. After further analysis, the devs have decided that an upcoming build will shift the 10% Deep Bond Stamina increase to base stats for level 60 characters to compensate for the power gain of the new talent system and will change this Renown reward for increased movement speed in the Shadowlands.

When damage reduction abilities and heals are too strong for player health, the only way to threaten them is to make enemy damage higher. If healers can heal teammates quickly and mana isn’t a limiting factor, enemies should be adjusted to have the ability to deal player-killing damage before healers can react. It’s not a very exciting style of play. Increasing player health gives players more time to react to incoming damage and makes their choices about cooldowns and mana management more impactful.

In order to address this issue, the devs are increasing player Stamina and creature damage by 40% at level 70. This will affect healing power in PvP, and the team will evaluate and consider adjusting the bonus to PvP Jewelery and Arena Mitigation set. Blizzard will also be monitoring how this change affects the balance of percentage-based healing versus other healing abilities, and will make targeted changes as needed.

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