Blizzard is preparing a Diablo II remake

Apart from bringing the latest technology, Blizzard will also tweak the inventory in Diablo II and expand Lord of Destruction Remastered.

Reproducing with the addition of modern graphics seems to be a new trend among game developers. Many classic games are now appearing on modern platforms that follow modern graphics and game modes.

This time, it’s turn Blizzard who are currently remaking one of their popular games to make it to the modern platform. Reportedly, gamers will be able to play the game Diablo II in the near future.

Engadget (21/2) reported that they will not only bring the original edition of the game. They will also feature the Lord of Destruction expansion, with multiplayer and cross platform support.

Not only on the PC platform, gamers will also play this game on console devices that are on the market today, such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch.

As well as updating the graphics to take advantage of modern lighting rendering and technology, Blizzard says it has modernized all 27 minutes of Diablo II cinematic shooting.

Gamers will be able to play through the five stories of the D2 series with seven other people. Improved game quality such as more storage and no need for a donkey as a courier to deliver goods between heroes is a fun upgrade.

Gamers can also per-order this game for USD40 or IDR 500 thousand. Those who have pre-ordered will get access to technical alpha until they finally get the finished game.

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