Blue dollar today: minute by minute of the price for this Friday, April 19, 2024

2024-04-19 07:45:00

He blue dollar today Friday the 19thand April 2024, it has a market value of $1010,00 for purchase and $1030,00 for sale, on this fifth exchange day of the week.

On the other hand, according to the board of the Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA), hoy Friday the 19th of April quotes at $848,50 for purchase and $888,50 for sale.

How much is the MEP dollar trading at?

He dollar MEPalso know as dollar bagquotes at $1015,20 for purchase$1018,60 for sale.

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How much does the dollar count with settlement

He dollar counted with settlement (CCL) is located on the blackboards $1051,70 for purchase and $1055,10 for sale.

How much does the solidarity dollar operate at today in Argentina

For his part, the solidarity dollaralso know as savings or tourist dollarit is located in $1420,80 at Banco Nación.

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How much is the wholesale dollar trading at?

He wholesale dollar quote this April 19th a $840,00 for purchase and $870,00 for sale.

How much is the crypto dollar trading at?

Through operations with cryptocurrencieshe crypto dollar quotes at $1046,00 for the purchase, now $1068,00 for sale.

How much does the card dollar trade at?

The exchange rate, at which the amount in dollars that we receive in our card statement must be converted, operates today at $1421,60.

Consumption in foreign currency may be due to the use of digital products, streaming platforms or purchases abroad.

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How much is the official euro worth?

According to the BNA slate, the official euro quote this April 19th in the formal market $925,00 for purchase and $985,00 for sale.

How much does the euro blue trade at?

In the informal market, the euro blue today quote this April 19th a $1082,00 for purchase and $1114,00 for sale. The so-called blue euro is the one that circulates in the parallel market, also called the “black market”, and usually has a higher value than the official one.

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How much does the official real and real blue cost?

The real official, the Brazil currencyIt is April 19th listed on the formal market $175,00 for purchase and $185,00 for sale, according to the BNA board.

For his part, the real blue hoy is located in the parallel market to $175,00 for purchase, and $185,50 for sale.

Risk country

He risk country It is an indicator developed by the JP Morgan which measures the difference that US Treasury bonds pay against those of the rest of the countries.

It is Friday April 19 This index places the country risk in 1,241 basis points.

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