Bluetooth has to worry about this revolutionary technology that comes from China!

2023-09-25 13:46:31

Huawei joins forces with 300 other partners to promote its NearLink technology. With its performance alone, it would be enough to retire the current Bluetooth standard.

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Bluetooth is now the go-anywhere connection standard. It is used to pair all accessories, such as connected watches, speakers, and even refrigerators… But imagine that equivalent technology were to be scrapped due to its exceptional performance. This is what Huawei offers with its NearLink technology. Intended like Bluetooth to provide a short-range wireless connection, it combines the advantages of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Huawei claims that NearLink provides six times the data transmission rate of Bluetooth. Latency would be reduced to 1/30th, compared to the current standard. The coverage distance would be doubled and the connection much more stable with an anti-interference system providing an improvement of 7 dB. To top it off, power consumption would be reduced by 60% compared to Bluetooth. This last argument hits hard for extending the autonomy of connected devices, like watches.

A Frenchman in the consortium

Huawei, which is on the Americans’ blacklist and which is even banned from most states in the European Union, did not embark on the adventure alone. Three hundred companies and institutions follow the Chinese brand but, due to the current blockade, practically all of these companies come from China. We find among them, Honor, Lenovo and Hisense. Surprisingly, the Taiwanese founder Mediatek is one of only two other countries which have joined this consortium.

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The other country is France with Saint-Gobain. Officialized today, NearLink technology is integrated into the latest Mate 60 smartphone and Huawei’s MatePad Pro 13.2. It should be gradually rolled out to all Chinese manufacturers. This strong arrival should not penetrate the American market due to the banning of the brand. On the other hand, there could well be impacts on the European market where Chinese smartphones are very popular due to their quality/price ratio. In any case, Bluetooth will have to coexist with NearLink for a while to come.

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