Boca Juniors Elections: The Truth Behind Macri and Ibarra’s Claims

2023-11-28 19:45:21

Is Macri lying or is Ibarra lying?

“It’s a lie, it has nothing to do with the reality of anything,” stated Macri’s presidential candidate in Boca, Andrés Ibarra, interviewed yesterday on LN+ by journalist Eduardo Feimann, trying to annul Juan Román Riquelme’s complaint regarding of the extortion of the Sheikh of Qatar, through Mauricio Macri, to secure minutes for a Qatari player in exchange for supporting the of the Arab country’s airline.

However, Ibarra himself had told Feimann that “the one who can best explain this is President Mauricio.” This afternoon, on TNT Sports, Macri himself was in charge of telling his version of the story in which the request was real: “Román,” said Macri, looking at the camera, “I sent you the videos that Tamim sent me via WhatsApp. ..bin Al Thani, the leader of Qatar.”

Macri said that he negotiated with the Qatari sheikh for the sponsorship of Qatar Airways “paying double what Boca charged” and then confirmed an alleged dialogue with Riquelme in which the favor that Boca had to fulfill in exchange is specified: “Román, Obviously I have no idea if he plays well or not but as a matter of education he asks to be given a chance in Boca, he takes care of the salary, the ticket, bring him to Boca to the squad, give him a few minutes in training, see if “he can play some Argentine Cup match.”

A mistake with the calendar mixed up

The candidate for president of Boca, Andrés Ibarra, and his candidate for vice, Mauricio Macri, spoke of “manifest irregularities” in the registration of members to support the favorable ruling they obtained from the Buenos Aires civil justice, which allows them to suspend the elections of the Sunday at the La Ribera Club. However, on social networks, criticism of Judge Alejandra Abrevaya’s decision began to circulate regarding errors as basic as confusing the days of the reported events between the 2021 and 2023 calendars.

“The request is that these people do not vote, not that they do not vote. We want the elections as soon as possible,” Ibarra said on the program Pelota Parada, with Juan Pablo Varsky and Pablo Giralt, to continue with his electoral strategy. According to the complaint presented by Ibarra, and validated by Judge Abrevaya, there are about 13 thousand members who were registered irregularly and who entered the registers.

In one of the sections of the ruling, the judge maintains that “there appears to be an excessively significant number of partners registered as adherents and with full assets on repeated dates, but in addition the incorporations were carried out on non-working days.” After that, the judge lists days in August and November 2021 that would have fallen on Saturday and Sunday, supporting her argument: 8/26, 9/9, 9/16, 11/25, 9/17, 10/7 .

However, from social networks and also sources from the “xeneize” ruling party, they noted that the dates cited by Judge Abrevaya were a weekend in the 2023 calendar, but not in 2021 when the registrations occurred.

Flag in La Bombonera

The decision of the Buenos Aires civil justice system to suspend this Sunday’s elections in Boca Juniors, at the request of the Macrismo, generated a rapid reaction in several groups and fans of the “xeneize”, who decided to call themselves through social networks for a flag in The Bombonera.

The flag will be held from 8 p.m., coinciding with the press conference called by Riquelme. The slogans that fans and groups raise through the networks are “No fucking with Boca” and “Let’s defend Boca”, in rejection of Judge Abrevaya’s decision.

Riquelme will give a press conference

From 8 p.m., Juan Román Riquelme will offer a press conference to respond to the decision of the Buenos Aires civil justice system to suspend the elections in Boca Juniors, following a request from the presidential candidate for Macrismo, Andrés Ibarra. The elections were scheduled for this Sunday.

Riquelme, current vice president and candidate for president, called a press conference in which he will give details of the club’s actions following the decision of Civil Court Number 11 of First Instance of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, headed by Alejandra Débora Abrevaya. In principle, it was revealed that the judge is a direct relative of PRO deputy Sergio Abrevaya.

Meanwhile, the ruling party made it known that Judge Abrevaya’s ruling “contains at least six errors regarding the date on which the alleged category changes from adherent partners to active partners supposedly occurred, since the judge confuses the calendar of 2021 with that of 2023.”

Elections in Boca: Macri’s message to Riquelme, the challenge to Ibarra and Qatar’s number nine

Shortly after the suspension of the elections in Boca ordered by Justice, Mauricio Macri and Andrés Ibarra appeared on the TNT Sports channel to give a joint interview.

The one who spoke first was Ibarra, candidate for president and who made the complaint that ended in the suspension of this Sunday’s elections. “The request is that these people do not vote, not that they do not vote. We want the elections as soon as possible. So the proposal was, separate this that is wrong and that’s it,” explained the former national official about the alleged poor inclusion of around 13 thousand members on the electoral roll, an irregularity that motivated the decision of Judge Alejandra Abrevaya.

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Macri’s challenge to Ibarra

“Given this ruling, we are promoting a hearing with the other party, that is, with Boca, to tell them ‘gentlemen, this is very clear, these are manifest irregularities, run these people away and let’s vote on Sunday’. If Boca accepts, it is a matter of system,” Ibarra continued until he was interrupted by Macri. “If the ruling party accepts,” the vice candidate corrected him like a boss, to which Ibarra could only respond with a smile.

Read the full note.

Macri’s message to Riquelme

In the Pelota Parada program, with the presence of journalists Juan Pablo Varsky and Pablo Giralt, the former president of the Nation challenged the idol from Boca: “Román, we have the opportunity to put an end to so many lies that you are telling. If you want a transparent election , I will run those gentlemen who came in and should not have come in. (…) I will run those 13 thousand and we will vote on Sunday as we all want and we will see if people want continuity in this way in which the club is being managed or go back to that form that we knew how to have, an institutionalized, professional club, above all people and that is not like the patio of a house, as he says.”

Víctor Hugo, on the suspension of the elections in Boca: “The polls greatly favored Riquelme”

The journalist and host of La Mañana analyzed two news items of the week in which both “the mafia side” of football, represented by Mauricio Macri, and how the media, in complicity with the hegemonic powers, put together a story to benefit a sector of politics.

The suspension of the elections in Boca, under the perspective of Víctor Hugo

What was known is that the polls greatly favored Riquelme and that they had to stop that to see how they could reposition themselves because they considered it to be very serious, seen from the (Mauricio) Macri side, from the mafia side of life, which later If he became the most powerful man in the country, he could not win the elections in Boca, it was nonsense.

Read the full note.

Why were the elections in Boca suspended?

The judicial resolution maintains that there are several irregularities in the membership register and that they warrant the suspension of the elections. Among them, the transfer of adherent members to active members “without respecting the chronological order” and members who “were registered as adherents and became active on the same day.” The resolution is signed by Judge Alejandra Abrevaya, who repeatedly spoke out, through social networks, in favor of different media and political operations that Macrismo carried out in recent years.

Justice ordered the suspension of the elections in Boca

At the request of Andrés Ibarra, candidate for president of Boca led by Mauricio Macri, Justice decided to suspend the elections in the club. The vote was to take place next Sunday. The other list is headed by Juan Román Riquelme, accompanied by Jorge Amor Ameal.

The suspension was ordered by Judge Alejandra Abrevaya. She is the head of Civil Court 11 of the City of Buenos Aires. The elections in Boca were scheduled for Sunday, December 3 — originally they were going to be on the 2nd, but they were moved to the Jewish Shabbat. The complaint to Justice was presented by Andrés Ibarra himself, the presidential candidate who heads the formula in which Mauricio Macri is vice president.

Read the full note.

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