Bogotá: America fans generated crowds – Bogotá

Controversy awoke the congregation of hundreds of fans of América de Cali, who no they respected biosecurity measures, outside the hotel where the team that will face Santa Fe is staying this Sunday for the final of the Colombian soccer league.

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To the bars of the two teams, to football fans, we ask you to celebrate calmly

In photographs and videos that have been published on social networks, it is observed that the supporters initially concentrated in the vicinity of the El Dorado airport to receive the players, and accompanied them along 26 avenue until they reached the Corferias sector, where the Cali team.

These agglomerations occurred despite the warning calls from the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, and the measures that were announced by the Secretary of Security, Hugo Acero.

“To the bars of the two teams, to the soccer fans, we ask them to celebrate with tranquility (…) Let us take into account two situations, biosecurity measures, because the pandemic is there and the number of contaminated people is growing, and good behavior so that security and coexistence are not traumatized by this sporting event, ”the official reported.

After a long time of celebration, an agreement was reached for the fans to vacate the vicinity of the hotel.

“Managers of coexistence, social dialogue, the @PoliciaBogota and @AmericadeCali players spoke with the scarlet fans who promised to calmly withdraw from the surroundings of the hotel where the Cali team is staying,” reported Acero.

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