Bones of missing persons found in Berlin – evidence of cannibalism

Bones of missing persons found in Berlin – evidence of cannibalism

The suspect is said to be a teacher

© Patrick Seeger / DPA

After examining parts of the bone, Berlin investigators uncover a gruesome crime. Has a man missing since September been a victim of cannibalism?

After the remains of a man from Berlin who had been missing for around two months, there are indications of cannibalism. The spokesman for the public prosecutor, Martin Steltner, said on Thursday evening when asked. Previously, “Bild” and “BZ” reported (online) that there was a suspicion that the missing person was the victim of a cannibal. The suspect came into custody. The spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on further details from the investigation.

On Thursday, a judge issued an arrest warrant for sex murder for low motives against the 41-year-old German. According to dpa information, the suspect is a teacher, he is said to have been in relevant forums. That was also reported by the “Bild”.

Bones found in the forest

The crime came to light after fragments of bones were found in a forest in Berlin more than ten days ago. They are the remains of the 44-year-old German who has been missing since September 5th. A homicide investigation then revealed that he was the victim of a crime. According to the police, the man was a fitter in the overhead line construction. He had left his shared apartment in Berlin shortly before midnight and initially disappeared without a trace, according to a statement from October.

Investigations by the homicide commission and the public prosecutor’s office, in which, among other things, people and corpse detection dogs were used, later led to the 41-year-old from Berlin-Pankow, who is now in custody on suspicion of sex murder.

The case of the “Cannibal von Rotenburg” from the year 2000 became known as a spectacular crime in Germany. The perpetrator had met his future victim through a personal ad in an Internet forum. The Frankfurt Regional Court sentenced the murderer to life imprisonment in 2006.


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