Bonnie’s Comprehensive Evaluation of ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI Sweeping and Mopping Robot: Worth Buying? | Unboxing, Comparison, and Recommendation

2023-06-26 10:00:22

Bonnie helps you 3C technology evaluation ptt Bonnie evaluation#画抱车航科沃斯 ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI sweeping and mopping robot 2023 sweeping and mopping robot, supports automatic dust collection design, automatic backwashing mop, automatic hot air drying, 55 degrees heat Wash rags/mops with water, and add a new mop lifting design, and also support automatic break-point continuous sweeping. Actual measurement of sweeping time, mopping time, dToF path planning, actual measurement of obstacle avoidance ability, hair entanglement test, corner test, particle bounce test, battery life, charging speed test. Ecovacs T20 OMNI complete unboxing evaluation, actual measurement, comparison, evaluation, recommendation, and whether it is worth buying. Through the comparison with the actual measurement of X1 OMNI, let you have a glimpse of the performance of the push-down rotary mopping system equipped with T20 OMNI. T20 OMNI adopts the dToF path planning system, has 6000Pa suction and everyone’s favorite down-pressing rotation to wipe the floor. It is relatively complete in various experiences, but how about the actual experience, let’s take a look with Bonnie! Join the Bonnie Channel Membership Program now: We are Bonnie Helps You: Taking “Bonnie Helps You” as the starting point, adhering to the original intention of “technology is simple, novelty can be fun”, using more real-life scenes and dramas The content is rich in technical information that was difficult to understand in the past, returning to the perspective of consumers to think about product value, and giving product evaluations with actual measurement content such as “help you play, help you test, and help you try”. In addition, it hopes to become “closer to consumers” Viewpoint” content creators and technology content creation teams with media influence. For 3C questions, just ask Weixin
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