Bonus: Ear Candy Technologies is giving away a free three-pack of Zafiro, Ruby, and Esmeralda

Bonus: Ear Candy Technologies is giving away a free three-pack of Zafiro, Ruby, and Esmeralda

Ear Candy Technologies provides you with three free VST plugins for macOS and Windows.

The first of the three plugins is Sapphirea multi-effects plug-in designed to turn mundane sounds into something otherworldly.

Ear Candy’s website has some demos showing the effect of this shift on various sound sources.

Zafiro has an LFO that oscillates between 0 and 10Hz, providing square, sawtooth, triangle and sine waves, as well as two primitive waveforms.

The Distortion section provides bit corruption, overdrive, and multiband/amplitude distortion.

Next is Rubywhich is a versatile delay plug-in with a 16-step sequencer.

16 steps, referring to a delay of 16 repetitions, is a favorite feature. You can toggle repeats (steps) on/off and even change their pitch, just like you would with a normal step sequencer.

Ruby allows you to freely decide the delay time or synchronization with your project’s BPM.

Ruby also has a vibrato section with 6 different waveforms and adjustable panning.

For free delay plugins, Ruby looks more creative than many.

The last of the three free plugins is Esmeraldawhich is an easy-to-use reverberator with binaural modules.

At the heart of Esmeralda is a direct reverb, offering four distinct spaces and four material choices.

The binaural module has a 360° azimuth slider that allows you to find the perfect spatial balance.

Synthesis mode (Sintético) provides an additional reverb option; a combination of Schroeder’s algorithm and convolution.

Their GUIs are reminiscent of elements from Tron, or some old sci-fi movies and computer screens.

You can download all three plugins for free from the Ear Candy website or Plugin Boutique.

All three plugins are available in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, AAX formats for macOS (10.10 or later, Intel/M1 support) and Windows (7 or later).

free download:

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