Boo!The county-level amateur team eliminated Beijing Guoan in the FA Cup

[Boo! The county-level amateur team eliminated Beijing Guoan in the Football Association Cup]#北京国安被中冠晶川队消除# was on the hot search, and the fans were heartbroken, and some people hit the nail on the head: Is this the level of the national football team? Still need to practice more!

On the evening of the 17th, in the second round of the FA Cup, the championship team Jingchuan Wenhui from Gansu defeated Beijing Guoan 7-5 in a penalty shootout. Originally, Guoan had a chance to take the initiative. In the third round, Guo Quanbo once saved the opponent Li Jiajun’s penalty kick, but the ball bounced into the goal by a strange coincidence.

This Gansu county-level team, which made this year’s FA Cup a big upset, is currently ranked second to last in Group B in the finals of this season’s Chinese Champions League. According to the data, the predecessor of the Jingchuan Wenhui team from Jingchuan County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province was, in 2013, under the direct leadership of the Jingchuan Key Amateur Sports School, more than 30 local football fans formed the Jingchuan 744300 Football Club.

So far, the Chinese Super League teams that have been eliminated include Shenzhen, Changchun Yatai, and Hebei. After the game, the fans booed and were disappointed with the Chinese Super League team. Without foreign aid, the level of the Chinese Super League players was similar to that of an amateur team. Such a result made it difficult for fans to accept.

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