Boston River 2 – Defensor Sporting 3: El Tuerto got a great match and is an escort for Nacional – Ovation – 07/10/2022

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Defensor Sporting defeated 3-2 to Boston River by the fourth date of Intermediate Tournament. Balboa and Duarte scored the goals for Méndez’s cast in the first half, but in the complement Martín Fernández discounted and Rodríguez placed the parity with a header. Then Agustín Sant’Anna appeared with a powerful mid-distance shot that made the difference.

With this result, Marcelo Méndez’s team was the only escort for Nacional in series B of the Intermediate Tournament, reaching nine units (it is three behind the tricolor). For its part, Sastre was left with seven points and lost track to Repetto’s team and Liverpool in the Annual. He was five units from black and blue and six from white.

The match

El Tuerto was the protagonist from the beginning from the possession of the ball. And after 18 minutes he took the lead: Balboa received an exquisite filtered pass near the area and finished off with power to beat Silva heads-up.

With good pressure from their wingers at the exit of the Ithurralde team, Méndez’s cast managed to quickly recover the ball to maintain their dominance. The difference in the scoreboard was widened by Anderson Duarte after a great collective association: Balboa held his back, turned and assisted Labandeira inside the area, who found the 18-year-old alone in the middle, who only had to push the ball to the net.

The first half ended with six goal situations for Mendez and only one for the locals. But at halftime Ithurralde’s talk had an effect and Boston River took the field convinced of reversing his image. For moments he recovered the ball and managed to discount quickly: Martín Fernández capitalized on a good pass and, coming face to face with Rossi, put his instep on the ball and defined with power to celebrate the 1-2.

After a poor start by Rossi, Sastre’s parity came through Agustín Rodríguez, who scored the 2-2 with a powerful header. In the worst moment for Méndez’s team, Bernal assisted Agustín Sant’Anna and he finished off violently from outside the area to score the go-ahead goal and put his team back on top of the scoreboard.

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