Boston River 3-1 MC Torque: El Sastre returned to victory and did it forcefully – Ovation – 05/28/2022

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Boston River surprised Montevideo City Torque and in 37′ they were already winning 3-0 in Trinidad. Sebastián Eguren’s team is still unable to recover the dapper football that it showed at some point and maintains an irregular walk.

In less than five minutes, Sastre was already in the lead after a run by Agustín Rodríguez and a cross shot that beat Gastón Guruceaga.

At minute 24, Leonard Costa found himself with a loose ball inside the small area and took advantage of the opportunity to stretch the advantage of the local team that was going over the Ciudadanos at that moment.

But the moment when Ithurralde’s men sealed the victory was at 37′ and long before closing the first half with a new definition by Agustín Rodríguez that marked his double.

In the complement, with the score 3-0, Boston River played much more comfortably and Montevideo City Torque with more heart than football went in search of discount.

He was close to finding it when Leodán González sanctioned a penalty that was later reversed by the VAR due to offside, but he ended up getting the same at 78′ after a great individual play by Sebastián Guerrero.

the previous

From 5:00 p.m. at the Juan Antonio Lavalleja de Flores stadium, Boston River will receive the Montevideo City Torque for the penultimate date of the Opening Tournament.

They both need to win. The local, of very good campaign, to finish as high as possible the first part of the year. The visit, meanwhile, to get out of the background.

MC Torque only won two games in the Apertura and is also looking for his first win with Sebastián Eguren as manager. Since he took over the team, he drew both games.

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