“Bow Melda” addressed the people who insisted on loving themselves with “Alek”. You can curse, but don’t be too strong. admit to acting really annoying

“Bow Melda” tells netizens who are persistent in their love for “Alek” that they can curse, but not forcefully. Get yourself really annoyed, despite trying to pinch yourself to stop. don’t be upset But sit back and laugh if you read it. These days, almost all blocks are gone.

Sweet, stirring style for couples. “Bow Melda Susri” and “Alek Theeradej Methavarayut” At this point, the netizens started to be annoyed. Most recently, the couple took both families to go on a trip together in Krabi. Bow recounted the moment the two families spent together as a trip to strengthen their relationship.

“Good. It’s a family trip for two families. It should be a trip to strengthen the relationship to know each other better. That is, Bow and the family of Pee Lek are well known. And daddy and horse are cute and brother and sister are okay, very cute. It’s probably better to go home together. Parents can rest with us as well.”

We don’t usually get married anymore. Will take them to do more here and there. Let’s walk together like this. I’m happy. Not tensed. We are not a sweet couple anymore. may secretly hold hands and hold hands (Grab a kiss, kiss a kiss?) Sigh (laughs) A lot of people come and tease us too.”

Can’t be forbidden with people who are obsessed with their partner. He was not angry because he knew that he really was.
“It’s hard to say, it can’t be stopped. We are not angry at all because we know that we are real (laughs). Nowadays, I sit and pinch myself that I stop. That’s enough. That’s enough. We defend by normal response. But if we understand He was lonely with no place to vent. So he wanted to vent in public areas. to which there will be people who will answer already.”

Don’t get upset and laugh when you read it. Leave a message to people who don’t like their partner, but don’t be harsh.
“No, just sit and laugh. (Is there already a Bow Guard?) That is, you don’t have to reach our hands, there will be people like him who are ready to fight. don’t have to reach us Comments are scarce now because most of them have been blocked, so damn. Blogging Create a new Facebook? A blog is a solution.

For those who come via inbox rarely threatening I can’t open it. The inbox is really full. is open and it is frozen I’m sorry. But don’t expect much. Insult, but don’t be harsh because we do not know about the future Seeing us happy, we are happy, we are happy with us. After this interview, Fah will fly to America.(Did you do something Alek?) Let’s leave it as a mystery.”

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