Boxer freaks out completely – with insane consequences

The French boxer Mourad Aliev caused a stir in Tokyo. After he was disqualified, he reacted aggressively and didn’t want to leave the ring.

The French super heavyweight boxer Mourad Aliev was disqualified at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and then reacted angrily and aggressively to the decision. The 26-year-old from Moscow hit angry at a TV camera after breaking off the fight on Sunday after documenting his lack of understanding with several gestures. After a while he sat down on the ring platform outside the ropes and went on a sit-in strike. After 30 minutes, he left his seat, but returned, according to the AP news agency. In total, Aliev sat in place for about 45 minutes. During this time there was a break from the boxing competition until the session in the evening (local time).

You can see the angry appearance of the boxer and his bizarre sit-in in the video above or directly here.

He was disqualified in the fight against the Briton Frazer Clarke four seconds before the end of the second round. It was initially unclear whether a headbutt that was judged on purpose by referee Andrew Mustacchio from the USA or Aliev’s protest against the point deduction indicated was the cause of the disqualification. “Everyone knows I won,” yelled Aliev in the almost empty Kokugikan arena. The first round had been scored for him in the close fight. Clarke has secured the bronze medal at the Olympics by winning and making it to the semifinals.


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